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 Theme for 2018:

100 Years of The Science of Mind

“Transcending Facts, Revealing Truth”

05/20/18-Rev. Kathleen  Emma Hopkins says, “when you praise and describe the ‘Good’ you feel full of spiritual fervor!” Being pulled by a vision of possibilities means that we must become masters of describing the Good we desire including the feeling of living it. Today we draw from the spiritual masters of the past and present to do just that.

“The Sequence of Creative Order ”

05/13/18-Rev. Kathleen  Ernest Holmes writes: “Established thought patterns tend to reestablish themselves every chance they get, and new thinking tends to get resisted by already resident thought patterns. Still effort must be made if we are to live lives of greater power and authority.” Today we gain some wisdom on how to break through the resistance to inner change.

“Pulled By A Vision of Possibilities ”

05/06/18-Rev. Kathleen Do you feel somethings driven to change but can’t seem to keep yourself motivated? This month we take the struggle out and allow ourselves to be pulled by a vision of yielding to ever higher versions of ourselves and working with others to co-create the kind of experience in the world that supports all in flourishing.

“I Am Eternally Young and Spiritually Mature”

04/22/18-Rev. Kathleen
The changeless, timeless Truth of Who We Are is our topic of exploration today.

“Transformational Sunday”

04/15/18-Rev. Kathleen
Today we embrace what science and spirituality are revealing about the principle of altruism, an ever-expanding heart of compassion. When we take our attention off of ourselves in order to help others transform, something amazing happens.

“The Individual and the Universal”

04/08/18-Rev. Kathleen
Thich Nhat Hanh stated, “Enlightenment is when a wave realizes it is the ocean.” We uncover more of our infinite nature and realign with our soul’s true calling when we understand that everything has its origin in mind. I cannot become available to more if my mind has not first opened to more.

“New Thought Perspective on Easter”

04/01/18-Rev. Ouida 
A New Thought Perspective on Easter by our guest speaker Rev. Ouida Cooper-Rodriquez

“Taize Service”

03/30/18-Rev. Ouida
New Thought perspective on Good Friday by our guest speaker Rev Quida Cooper-Rodriquez

“Self-Evident Truth within You”

03/25/18-Rev. Kathleen
Let us deepen our knowledge of this Truth that sets us free and celebrate Palm Sunday as a passage from a limited idea of ourselves to a realization of our unlimited divinity.

“The Will of the Most Authentic Self”

03/18/18-Rev. Kathleen
Let’s get real about God’s will when we say, “Thy Will Be Done.” And it is not about suffering or going without. I will give you a hint. God’s will for us is our deepest, most authentic will.

“Your Impersonal Self”

03/11/18-Rev. Kathleen
Every human being is a glorious intersection of the infinite and finite. When we align ourselves with the truth of life versus the facts of life we consciously avail ourselves to universal laws (our impersonal Self) that allow greater ease, peace, love and freedom to be made manifest. Transformation becomes possible.

“The Highest and Best is Your Personal Self”

03/04/18-Rev. Kathleen
You have a personal Self, a Friend within you, that is the unique individualization of the Living Spirit. It is my intention today to expand on this concept so that you leave with a greater sense of empowerment and liberation.

“The Heart of Healing (Whole-ing)”

02/25/18-Rev. Kathleen
We often say that there is nothing to heal, only our wholeness to reveal. In a unique and powerful “whole-ing” service, we will each have an opportunity to touch the heart of wholeness within us and call it forth in deep and meaningful ways.

“Realigning Your Heart”

02/11/18-Rev. Kathleen
Sometimes we talk a good game about wanting to bring our dreams from incubation to manifestation, but then time goes by and they are still sitting on the shelf. What’s up with that? Today we take a hard look at that question, without blame or judgment, realigning our hearts with our hearts’ desires.

“The Heart of Your Dreams”

02/04/18-Rev. Kathleen
We talk a lot about bringing our dreams into fruition. Today, we talk about them again, but with a slightly different twist. Be sure to listen in! 

“Claiming Our Awakened Presence”

01/28/18-Rev. Kathleen
As exploration of an awakened life continues, this morning we each have the opportunity to make a mighty proclamation as we individually and collectively claim our places as awakening beings! 

“Staying Awake While Navigating the Wake”

01/21/18-Rev. Kathleen
It is an absolute Truth that Spirit intends for us to live a life of beauty and wonder. It is also a human experience that, at times, we feel like we are living in the wake of pain, upset, challenge, and strife. The true beauty comes when we stay awake even in the middle of the wakes of life!

“Awaken My Heart to Grace”

01/14/18-Rev. Kathleen
God’s Grace may mean something different for each of us. Today, you have the opportunity to awaken to your personal definition of this concept and then to move it out of the concept stage into an active, awakened experience in your life, to experience a life of beauty and wonder.

“The Four Kingdoms of Awakening”

01/07/18-Rev. Kathleen
As we walk the spiritual journey of awakening to the Truth of who we are and the beauty of life, we often experience that journey in stages. Today we look at the four Stages of Awakening and see how to awaken to the higher realms. The work we do today supports the rest of the month!