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 Theme for 2017:

Balanced Living: Ascending in Consciousness AND Reaching out in Compassion and Service

“Ideas are God’s First Currency”

11/19/17 -Rev. Kathleen
It’s been said that ideas are God’s first currency. Fillmore writes in Prosperity that “our rich ideas will keep us in constant touch with abundance.” What does it mean to trade in the currency of ideas? Come today and find out!

“You are the Inlet and the Outlet”

11/12/17 -Rev. Kathleen
We have a saying in our New Thought teachings: “God can only do for us what God can do through us.” Therefore, you are both an inlet and an outlet for all aspects of the Divine, including abundant living. Today’s the day we expand inlet and outlet capacities!

“Homesick For Your Real Self”

11/05/17 - Ester Nicholson - Guest Speaker 
The very nature of your true identity is GREATNESS! You were created in the image and likeness of God - empowered, confident, clear, safe, and more than enough - but you forgot. You were not created out of unworthiness, depression, or lack and not enoughness. Let’s get you home to your real self, where you are destined to be!

“Speaking the Word of Completion”

10/29/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
With all his heart and soul, Moses wanted to take the Israelites into the Promised Land. Yes, he failed. Nonetheless, he realized when you have done all you can about a situation, then you have done all you are supposed to do. By speaking the word of completion and letting go, he opened the way for results to appear. Today, emulate Moses and speak the word of completion.

“The Prosperity Law of Opulence”

10/22/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
Moses learned the prosperity Law of Opulence when he was a prince in the Court of Pharaoh. This knowledge enabled him to provide lavishly for his followers over 40 years in the wilderness. By following this prosperity Law, you too can be lavishly provided for.

“Your Secret Weapons for Prosperity”

10/15/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
Today you learn the secret weapons for prosperity symbolized in two incidents in Moses’ life in the desert. From these two events, we can learn how to quickly claim our good even in the face of opposition and hard conditions.

“Crossing the Red Sea and Gathering Manna”

10/08/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
In moving from bondage to freedom, the Israelites needed to cross the Red Sea and have enough food and water to sustain them on their journey, a seemingly impossible task for that many people. Today, we reveal the profound prosperity promises found in these two “miracles.”

“The Power of the Great I Am”

10/01/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
Moses spent three significant periods in his life, each deepening his prosperity consciousness. Within the second period, he learned the Power of the Great I Am. Today, we will apply these three periods of growth to our lives and discover for ourselves the power of the Great I Am.

“Creation Rather Than Control”

9/24/17 - Rev. Kathleen - 
TRUTH: The Universe is a whole lot smarter than you might think. TRUTH: Creation is much more fun than control. Based on these two TRUTHS, we focus on “A Life That Works Without All the Work.

“Say ‘Yes’ to what W.O.R.K.s”

9/17/17 - Rev. Kathleen
What are you saying “yes” to in your life? It may surprise you to know that you say “yes” to a lot more than just what you would consciously choose to have in your life experience. Today, we say “yes” to the qualities that W.O.R.K. together to create a life of fulfillment.

“Creating Your Brightest Future”

9/10/17 - Matt Jones - Guest Speaker 
Matt Jones shares the “Three Causes” that lead to the creation of one’s brightest future. Audience members will be uplifted and energized to have, be, and do more in Life. 

“Celebrating Un-Labor Day”

9/03/17 - Candace Berkowitz - Guest Speaker 
Labor Day recognizes the contributions that workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the country. Monday is a day off from that labor, a day to rest and rejuvenate. What if we rested from labor all the time and yet still contributed to the strength, prosperity, and well- being of our own lives and the lives of others? Be with us today to find out how.