Listen to Rev. Kathleen’s Sunday Messages

 Theme for 2019:

Spirituality in Action

“The Practice of Inclusion”


04/14/19-Rev. Kathleen - We are each unique and, like a flower bouquet, inclusion creates a masterpiece of diversity.


“Unity and Strength in Diversity”


04/07/19-Rev. Kathleen -We look at the value of diversity as something to celebrate and exploit as part of our unity with the One Source.



“Developing Our Inner World”


03/31/19-Rev. Kathleen -Without developing an inner life, we can become sleepwalkers, living on autopilot according to beliefs/values that do not serve us.  Today we awaken to the value of developing an inner life.



“Our Highest Values”


03/24/19-Rev. Kathleen -How do we discern our highest values and then live value-centered lives?



“Living A Spiritual Life”


03/17/19-Rev. Kathleen -Today we forgive ourselves for our moments of being out of integrity with our deeper intentions, and put our feet back on the conscious spiritual path, one foot in the Divine, the other foot walking the human road.


“How God Works Through Us”


03/10/19-Rev. Kathleen -Have you not yet had a response to prayer?  Today we awaken to the importance of stopping our talking at Spirit and instead learning to be a deep inner listener.  




03/03/19-Rev. Kathleen -The Science of Mind point of view aligns completely with the dictionary definition of “integrity”: the state of being whole and undivided.  What actions then keep us in integrity? Let’s explore.

“What is the Common Good?”


02/24/19-Rev. Kathleen -Today we explore meaning and value of working for the common good.

“Understanding our Interdependence ”


02/17/19-Rev. Kathleen -What does the Golden Rule, Interdependence, Social Justice and our happiness have in common? Let's explore.

“Recognition of our Shared Humanity ”


02/10/19-Rev. Kathleen -In a fractured world where people feel disconnected, feel in conflict with one another's world views, isn’t it time to return to what unites us all? Today we embrace the unifying nature of compassion.

“Oneness and An Ethical World ”


02/03/19-Rev. Kathleen -When we allow Oneness to be what we live FROM, our thoughts, words, and actions contribute to an ethical world – a world that works for all life.

“How to Use It: Service”


01/27/19-Rev. Kathleen -We look into how divine service helps all to grow and prosper.


“How to Use It: Becoming a Creative Genius”


01/20/19-Rev. Kathleen - Since our Divine Parent is the Creative Genius of the Universe, we are that in our own lives! Today we learn how to use that Creative Genius for good.

"The Way It Works: Wise Use of our Creative Power"


01/13/19-Rev. Kathleen -Since our thoughts and words plus our emotions are like seeds that we plant in Universal Mind, let us today become more skillful and wise gardeners of the mind.

“Discovery, Alignment, and Empowerment”


01/06/19-Rev. Kathleen -Universal Intelligence individualizes Itself through each of us as co-creators with the Infinite. Science of Mind is a deeply spiritual and practical teaching, empowering humanity to rediscover and demonstrate its divinity by practicing the simple, powerful Principle of Life.

“The Great Surrender and Designing Our Wonderful Life”


12/30/18-Rev. Kathleen -We are always creating our life – either by design or by default. Today, we take the opportunity to create our wonderful life in 2019 by design as we combine elements of a Taize service with the empowering rituals of a burning bowl ceremony and visioning.

“Going Into the Silence”


12/16/18-Rev. Kathleen -At his darkest moment, George needs a miracle and not knowing what else to do, he offers a short prayer asking Spirit to show him the way. That prayer was the beginning of an evolutionary shift for him, although it doesn’t seem so at first. What transforms Bailey is what will do the same for us all.


“Going Into the Silence”


12/16/18-Rev. Kathleen -At his darkest moment, George needs a miracle and not knowing what else to do, he offers a short prayer asking Spirit to show him the way. That prayer was the beginning of an evolutionary shift for him, although it doesn’t seem so at first. What transforms Bailey is what will do the same for us all.


“Your Life Makes a Difference!”


12/09/18-Rev. Kathleen -Each one of us has a unique role to play in this life, but many of us don’t realize it. Today, we will take our own journey to find the tremendous value we each bring to this life.


“Love is All-Conquering and Everyone Wins”


12/02/18-Rev. Kathleen - George Bailey had exotic plans and dreams of travel and adventure. Instead, he stayed in the town of his birth to run his deceased father’s building and loan association. One day, there is a run on the bank, and George did a most unusual thing which holds a powerful message for us.

"RUMI: Mysticism, Poetry and Love"


11/25/18-Sharon Bousquet - Our guest speaker, Sharon Bousquet, shares her views on the great mystic Rumi.

“The Blind Leading the Blind"


11/18/18-Rev. Kathleen - “We have all heard that if the blind try to lead the blind they both fall into a ditch. Being that we all have blind spots in consciousness, today is about the practice of compassion and make our way to the next central flame of the Divine."

“The Antidote for Fear"

11/11/18-Rev. Kathleen - “Have you noticed that fear can be contagious causing the stress response, the shutting of the intellect and the tendency to react and defend? Today we embrace the importance of turning of the stress response by tuning into the Mind of God which is free of fear and doubt and a center of confidence and faith."


“Do You Really Get It?"

11/04/18-Rev. Jackie Dougherty- “Ernest Holmes, in The Anatomy of Healing Prayer states that only a very small percentage of people in the teaching really understand what it is about. Guest speaker, Rev. Jackie, intends to be sure you are one of the ones who understand!"


“Opening our Minds to Receive"

10/28/18-Rev. Kathleen - “Today we come out of the basement of despair and into the sunshine of Abundant Supply by applying the principle of receiving."


“Applying the Law of Giving and Receiving"

10/21/18-Rev. Kathleen - “Since the universe is in balance, nothing can leave any point without an equal something returning to it.” Contemplate this statement and let’s explore it relevance to prosperous living."


“Embracing the Law of Opulence”

10/14/18-Rev. Kathleen -Jesus taught that it is right for us to have what we want provided we subject our desires to the Law of Divine Will and the Divine Necessity.

“Allowing the Flow of God’s Bounty ”

10/07/18-Rev. Kathleen -Eternal Bounty cannot be either exhausted or depleted, so how do we stop short-circuiting the flow of Bounty in our lives?


“Loose the Consciousness”

09/30/18-Rev. Kathleen - In order to step into ever-expanding states of consciousness, we must dedicate time each day to enlarging our consciousness. Let us explore today ways of doing this.


“Treatment is Not Well-Wishing”

09/23/18-Rev. Kathleen - Since it is not a hoping or wishing that we, or someone else will be healed, then what is Spiritual Mind Treatment? Understanding that we are using a Mind Principle is essential to the success of this form of prayer.


“Make Each Treatment Complete”

09/16/18-Rev. Kathleen - How do we balance the importance of making each treatment complete and also praying until there is a demonstration?


“Divine Ideas”

09/09/18-Rev. Kathleen - The Divine is always trying to work through us so we might experience our greater yet to be, and it uses Ideas to do so. Let us use our words to open the doorway to the greater yet to be.