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Join us each Sunday at the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware for: 10 am guided meditation; 10:30 am service and children's fellowship.



100 Years of The Science of Mind

February 2018 Theme  "Getting to the Heart of the Matter" 

During the month of February, we get to the heart of a number of matters by going to the True Source of Love that always embraces us. Join us to bring sweetness to this season of Love.

February 4,  2018 “The  Heart of Your Dreams”  

We talk a lot about bringing our dreams into fruition. Today, we talk about them again, but with a slightly different twist.  Be sure to be with us!   Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson   Music:  Sharon Bousquet

February 11, 2018  "Realigning Your Heart"

Sometimes we talk a good game about wanting to bring our dreams from incubation to manifestation, but then time goes by and they are still sitting on the shelf. What’s up with that?  Today we take a hard look at that question, without blame or judgment, realigning our hearts with our hearts’ desires.   Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson     Music: Sharon Bousquet and the CSL-DE Choir

February 18, 2018  “Your Cosmic Power”  PLUS:  “The ‘F’ Word” - Forgiveness Workshop with Dr. Janine Burns, 1-3 pm

Today is the day to transcend the myth of romantic love as the answer to our prayers and activate that Deeper Love (Your Cosmic Power) that is lasting and Soul-satisfying.   Special Guest Speaker: Dr. Janine Burns   Music:  Sharon Bousquet

February 25, 2018 "“The Heart of Healing (Whole-ing)”  PLUS:  VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON @ 12 pm

We often say that there is nothing to heal, only our wholeness to reveal. In a unique and powerful “whole-ing” service, we will each have an opportunity to touch the heart of wholeness within us and call it forth in deep and meaningful ways. This is a service you won’t want to miss.   Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson   Music:  Deb Chamberlin and Robert Wynn


Today and every day I am transformed by the renewal of my mind. I renew my mind with the thought, “I am the love of God. The love of God flows through me at all times. When people see or hear me, they experience love. My life is guided by the Indwelling Spirit of Love."