10 Day Countdown

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November 12
Rev. Kathleen’s Welcome to the 10 Day Countdown 
“29 Gifts in 29 Days” with Marianne Ruane RScP, Nov. 12-Dec. 10
“Gratitude 101” for Kids and Adults by Shiya Stone 
• TBT: Construction of earlier CSL DE site (Woodmill Drive) with Dan Johnson
• Presentation of original poem “Celebration” by Debbie Carrier 

November 13
• Message from CSL DE teen member, Elijah Elom
• Message from former member Michele Buckley RScP
Overview of the Teen Program with Mary Kegelman RScP
What is Laughter Yoga? Intro for Sunday’s free event
• Greetings from former member Dmitry Levin (son of Lyubov Skurina)

November 14
Message from former member Ed Wilde
• Greetings from former minister at CJL (now CSL DE), Rev. Anna Marie Trotman
• SOM Mandala Art Activity
• Greetings from (L to R) Nicholas, Natalie, Lyubov, and Jesus in Seattle

November 15
• Sunday Celebration, 10 am Meditation, 10:30 am Service
“Laughter Yoga” with Karen Siugzda
• Message from practitioner Lucinda Elom
• Children’s program artwork from approximately 2014 (Natalie and Nicholas Pinto)

November 16
Overview of the Children’s Program with Shiya Stone
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am a Good Friend’
• Anniversary Congratulations from the CSL DE Board of Trustees
• Reading of her original poem “Be” by CSL DE member Amee Shah
“The Awakened Artist: Being a Conscious Creator of Your Life” with Deb Chamberlin

November 17
• Promo for “Meditation: 150 Days of Ernest Holmes,” Marianne Ruane RScP
“Shifting Board,” a fun technique for the spiritual toolbox from Jenny Stewart
• Message from CSL DE teen member, Isaac Elom
Wedding dance of CSL DE members Eric and Meghan Pitts
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am a Creator’

November 18
• Greetings from former children’s teacher Shelton Harder 
CSL DE Peace Pole Dedication, Sept. 2018
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am Courageous’
• Member Todd Latta presents his original song, “Angel River”
“Yoga: Heart Opening Vinyasa Flow” with Brenda Hornung RScP

November 19
•  Overview of Spiritual Growth Circle/Book Study with Mary Kegelman RScP
• TBT: “Gratitude” with Rev. Kathleen
• TBT: “Dear Man” Father’s Day Video from 2014
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am a Loving, Kind, Compassionate, Fun Friend’
•  “The Feng Shui of Yoga: Revitalize from the Inside Out” with Kristin Wistar

November 20
• Message from former member Amity Flores
• Fun video from a CSL DE ‘Who’s Coming to Dinner’ event in 2015
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am Creative, and I Make the World a Better Place’
• Song and Congratulations from former CSL DE Music Director Rev. Rhetta Morgan
• “A Celebration of Gratefulness: Enjoy Movement with Spirit, Breath of Life, Chant of Joy” with Candace Berkowitz RScP

November 21
• Message from former children’s teacher Amelia Elom
• CSL DE member Jim Krum shares a passage from his upcoming book “Learning to Love”
• Introduction to CSL DE’s Social Justice Initiative Ministry with Jenn Lyons
• SMT song and congratulations from CSL DE Music Director Sharon Bousquet
Overview of the Children’s Program with Shiya Stone (longer version) 
• New song and congratulations from frequent CSL DE musical guests Bob Sima and Shannon Plummer
• Children’s Artwork ‘I Am Peace’
Congratulations and new music video “Just a Matter of Time” from former CSL DE musician Stephen Wise 

November 22
• Sunday Celebration, 10 am Meditation, 10:30 am Service (Join Zoom Meeting; Meeting ID: 946 451 7434; Passcode: 6124) Check out the CSL DE YouTube page for links to all streamed Sunday celebrations and Rev. Kathleen’s messages.
• “CSL DE 10th Anniversary Celebration,” 1-2:30 pm