Blogs by CSL Members

Blogs by CSL Delaware Members

Here is a list of spiritually-themed blogs by our members. Support them, inspire yourself, pass the love along. We're all in this together! 

And don't forget to check out Rev. Kathleen's blog by clicking here!


Awakening Through Cancer




Awakening Through Cancer by Amy Anders. Join us in holding her in the loving energy of health and wholeness. Please explore her blog while supporting her with prayers and love.





Ponderings: Spiritual Lessons from Everyday Life by Rev. Linda Patton. She has been too busy to keep up with it lately, but there are three years worth of posts to peruse for contemplation.


Fireflies in the Room




Fireflies in the Room by Marianne Ruane. There are 10 older posts on her spiritual awakening, and now she is chronicling her journey through CJL's classes and practitioner training.

Enlightened Living Spaces





The Design Blog at Kristin Wistar's website Enlightened Living Spaces.