Fundraise by Sharing Gifts and Talents

In what ways can you fund raise for CSL Delaware while sharing your gifts and talents?  Lead an activity, teach a class, host a dinner, the possibilities are infinite.


Contact Rev. Kathleen at 302-635-7316


All idea descriptions must be written up including --

• who – with some biographical info relevant to the topic being presented

• what

• when – suggested date and length of event

• where

• why - what will be learned/accomplished, what is the benefit of attending

• suggested price Ideas should be submitted to Rev. Kathleen at least 2 months in advance of suggested date to allow sufficient time for approval, choosing an appropriate date, and advertising. The Board of Regents will make all final decisions, assuring that all ideas are in alignment with the vision of the Center for Spiritual Living DE.

Thank you for your continued support of our beloved CSL DE!