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Happy Thanksgiving Day, my friend.  This past Sunday I spoke at length about the benefits of living in a state of gratitude and even how to be better at receiving it from others - ever looking for the good in life and giving thanks for it.
Feeling and expressing our gratitude increases our happiness and health mentally, emotionally, physically, and socially.  I invite you to listen to my  message  titled "Being a Possibilitarian"  in the left hand sidebar of this newsletter. Here is an easy to follow practice to ensure you stay on track with cultivating a grateful mindset.
Take several deep breaths then sit in the silence for a few minutes to allow the mind to settle.   If you haven't done so already,  enter 5 people into your gratitude journal who have been a blessing to you that day.  "I am grateful to ______ for  _________."  (Ex. I am so grateful for the Board of Trustees for their dedication to the financial well-being of the spiritual community.)
I do this in the evening before I go to bed.   Our Board of Trustees also keeps a very long list of who we are grateful for in our spiritual community as part of our Board minutes each month.
Want to got to the next level??  Write a thank you note by snail mail or email for each of those people.   Then, since you are giving a gift of love with no strings attached, do not expect a response.
I am so grateful for you for being a part of my human experience.  My life is enriched by your presence.
Rev. Kathleen


This week, in honor of Veterans Day, we honor our Veterans with prayers supporting their health and well-being mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, financially, and spiritually for we know that many have been suffering with trauma on all levels.  My father was a Navy veteran stationed on a battleship in the Pacific in World War II and in charge of leading calisthenics. While I am sure he saw a lot of pain and suffering, he  didn't want to speak about it.
Join with me in imagining our world as being more focused on waging peace instead of war and a world that takes good care of its veterans restoring them to a state of inner peace.    

To me that is a great way to honor our veterans knowing that they have done their best to move us in the direction of a peaceful world.

In Peace,
Rev. Kathleen


Autumn is a time of bountiful harvest.  Nature is demonstrating for us how the Creative Process works for us all.  That seeds planted that become the vegetables, grains, and fruits that are harvested are analogous to the seed thoughts (what Ernest calls our Mental Equivalents)  that are automatically planted in the soil of the Universal Creative Medium or Substance (scientists call it Energy).
The Mental Equivalent is what we believe that we can have, what it looks like, feels like, sounds like. 
As we look at our lives, we can see what our mental equivalents have been up until now.  Good news!
We have the impulse with us to evolve in our expression of the Spirit Essence that we are which is unlimited in potential because we are made in the likeness and image of God, the One Presence that is Unlimited in Potential and Possibility.
We can expand our Mental Equivalent by taking time every day to meditate upon the limitless and eternal nature of the Divine which is our nature as emanations of the One.  We can focus on the vastness of the cosmos, on the number of leaves, insects, grains of sand, people on the planet, the number of stars.  Then we can contemplate that that amazing Creator Mind is the Mind that we use.   We have within us the same vastness and limitless potential as the One Presence from which we emanate. Once we expand our idea of who we are, our mental equivalent of what is possible for us will expand and then our life will reflect that in our relationships, our finances, our careers, our health, our spirituality.
Join us each Sunday as we explore the Nature of the Divine, the Universal Laws and become a Master of Spiritual Understanding and Law and grow in Faith and Acceptance of  the availability of your Greater Good and the Greater Good of our Planet, a world that works for everyone.
Bountiful Blessings, Rev. Kathleen

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I returned Sunday from a 10-day silent Vipassana meditation retreat with a deeper embodiment of what is so beautifully expressed in our spiritual teachings. We teach Universal Principles that are beyond any religion and yet encompass spirituality at its deepest level. Nearly 10 hours of meditation a day for 10 days (about 100 hours of meditation) took me to a level of knowing who I am as the unmanifest observer. I was able to witness with no attachment the rising and falling of thought and its impact on the energy field of the body. Constrictions, even pain, and expansive sensations came and went in response to thoughts that came and went. Thought-feeling patterns were easily observable.

Our teaching symbol that describes the process of creation - the Science of Mind symbol - so beautifully describes these patterns rising and falling from the subconscious mind and creating our experience of reality. The purpose of the meditation technique was to identify with the observer and to develop a non-reactive mind, an equanimous mind that remains clear and open to the flow of wisdom and compassion. A calm, clear mind that does not react to life circumstances with the stress response is so important if we are to meet the challenges that arise in our lives.

I invite you to make meditation a solid practice in your life. I also invite you to strengthen your understanding of the practices and principles that we teach to support you in creating lasting change within - the only true way to see healthy and prosperous change in your life.

Peace To You,

Rev. Kathleen


The Gandhi King Season for Nonviolence (SNV) campaign spans January 30 through April 4 , the memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King. The annual 64-day campaign, launched by the United Nations in 1998, was co-founded by Dr. Arun Gandhi and The Association for Global New Thought (AGNT) and is chaired by Michael Bernard Beckwith, D.D. The purpose of the campaign is to focus educational and media attention on the philosophy of attaining peace through nonviolent action as demonstrated by legendary leaders Gandhi, King, Jr., Chavez, Mandela, and His Holiness, the Dalai Lama of Tibet. Hundreds of Season for Nonviolence task forces from around the USA and abroad are involved.

We ask you to make nonviolent principles a part of your daily life by downloading the attached: "64 Ways to Practice Nonviolence" that includes a quotation, affirmation, and action for each day of SNV. Also please join us for the launch on Monday, January 30, with a global meditation and communication at from 8-9 pm. Let's be the change we would like to see in the world!

In full Peace and Love,

Rev. Kathleen


We at Center for Joyful Living are soon to become Center for Spiritual Living Delaware. This new name is the result of the process of affiliating with the large and vital Centers for Spiritual Living (CSL) whose centers span the globe and who publish the Science of Mind magazine.

Our decision to affiliate came through vision last spring and has been unfolding since. After our Board of Trustees voted to affiliate with CSL, our members met to co-create the new name. There have been calls, emails, paperwork, video conference meetings, and a minister's exam. Also, our newest practitioners (Donna, Lucinda, Peggy, and Marianne) are the first to receive their oral panels through the new organization - all successfully passed! Our longtime practitioners have met the requirements to be affiliated with CSL and are in the process of receiving a CSL license.

By the time you receive this newsletter, we will have completed Phase One of the process and begun Phase Two. Keep a lookout as our social media transitions to the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware branding. As we join this worldwide organization, we are blessed with new colleagues, new ideas, home office support, resources, curriculum, and conferences that we know will bless us all.

I have wonderful friendships from our original organization, Affiliated New Thought Network (ANTN), that I deeply cherish, including two prayer partners and a mentor. Now I am also enjoying the strengthening of CSL friendships while making many new ones.

Bountiful Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen


This coming weekend is a sacred, uplifting, and glorious occasion for Lucinda, Marianne, Peggy, and Donna and for our center. Our four practitioner interns are taking their oral panels at Center of Peace Center for Spiritual Living in Philadelphia on Saturday. Your prayers of support are welcome knowing that they are all an expression of Divine Faith, Love, Peace, Joy, and Oneness Consciousness. We are so proud of each of them! We want to acknowledge that each of them has dedicated many hours of prayer, meditation, study, mentoring, and practice to become a licensed spiritual practitioner. They are the first ones at CJL to take their oral panels through the Centers for Spiritual Living. The rest of our ecclesiastical team is in the process of licensing with Centers for Spiritual Living as well.

Come celebrate the practitioners' graduation this Sunday, January 15. There is a short ceremony during the service and an informal celebration with finger foods after service at which you can congratulate them individually.

Let's Celebrate!

Rev. Kathleen


Why not streamline your New Year's resolutions into one? Begin by deciding what you really want ultimately. Let me propose that all that you think you want is really what you think will make you happy. Why do you want more money, a successful career, more friends, a deeper connection with Source, better health, peace of mind? So that you can feel joy, happiness, fun - all interchangeable.

The Dalai Lama wrote a book called The Art of Happiness. What if you decided to choose happiness as your focus for the New Year? What if you envisioned yourself smiling, laughing out loud with others, hugging friends and family, feeling joy and excited anticipation about what each day holds? What if you simply chose to be happy since it is a choice that is not contingent on circumstances? If like attracts like and the Universe is designed to come up with the "hows" that reinforce the happiness we practice and envision, then the Universe brings all into our lives that leads to more and more happiness.

For the New Year I intend that I am choosing happiness, envisioning happiness, and opening my heart to being one who inspires other to be happy.

In Joy!

Rev. Kathleen

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Would you like to make a profound difference in the consciousness of humanity? I invite you to join us Saturday morning at 7 am for the planet-wide World Healing Service. Potluck breakfast follows.

More about this annual event: At 12 noon Greenwich time (which is 7 am EST), December 31, 1986, men, women, and children around the world gathered for the first time to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in history - a planetary affirmation of peace, love, forgiveness, and understanding involving millions of people in a simultaneous global affirmative prayer. The purpose: to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.

It was called World Healing Day, the World Instant of Cooperation, World Peace Day - a moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation - restoring this world to sanity. When that moment in time arrived on December 31, 1986, those participating totaled more than 500 million people representing all religious faiths on seven continents, in more than seventy countries, and in every state in the U.S. Over 500 spiritual and peace-related organizations around the world participated. Many have continued to gather each December 31 since then.

This is your "Wake Up" call. Together we are making a difference. See you Saturday Dec 31 at 7 am!


Peace, Peace, Peace,

Rev. Kathleen




How perfect that Christmas Eve and the first day of Hanukkah fall on the same date this year! In the process of visioning for this special service, it became clear that this is yet another opportunity for us to experience our oneness with people of different spiritual traditions, deepening our sense of commonality, connection, care, and community. Come to be inspired and uplifted by the beauty of the music and the message as we celebrate in the spirit of Love and Light, Peace and Joy.

See you Saturday night at 8:30 pm for a Christmas Eve and Hanukkah Candle Lighting service. Fellowship follows the service with scones, hot drinks, and gifts for all.


Expanding in Light and Love,

Rev. Kathleen






Two Sundays ago I talked about those who are gathered in North Dakota to stand with the Standing Rock Sioux for clean water. Being in service to something beyond ourselves is a characteristic of the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, or Love. Let us remember that when we offer prayers of Love that Love has the healing power to do the seemingly impossible.

A beautiful demonstration of love took place at Standing Rock when hundreds of U.S. veterans asked Native American elders for forgiveness. Click here to watch the video.

With You in Love and Oneness,

Rev. Kathleen





Last Sunday I spoke of standing in the Power of the One Source with others, giving ourselves in service to a purpose beyond ourselves. Being in service to something beyond ourselves is a characteristic of what Abraham Maslow called Self-Transcendence (a level above Self-Actualization) and what those of us who follow the teachings of Jesus call Cosmic Christ Consciousness. The Universal Word for it is Love. We extend ourselves in Love, All-Inclusive Love, to others who are calling for our support. A living example of this is those who are gathered in North Dakota to STAND with the STANDing Rock Sioux FOR clean water.

Our ministers and practitioners prayed about this on Sunday during service knowing the Highest and Best for all. As many of you know, our prayers were answered that very afternoon as we received word that President Obama halted construction until another route for the pipeline could be found.

Let us never underestimate the power of prayer. Let us remember that when we offer prayers of Love that Love has the healing power to do the seemingly impossible.

Keep the prayers going - that all protesters and all other people in the North Dakota area are safe and warm despite the blizzard conditions.


Doing Amazing Things With You,

Rev. Kathleen






Spiritual community is a blessing. Tomorrow night - Friday, December 2 at 6:30 pm - join your spiritual friends for a Holiday Party that is new and different this year. For one, the admission is free! Also new - a bingo game provided by DuWayne Preston and led by Nancy Paist-Riches. Brett Taylor is the emcee for the silent auction, a great way to purchase holiday gifts. Bring a dish to share for a delicious CJL-style dinner!

Your Board of Trustees members are the hosts. The decorating team and other helpers transformed the Center for the holiday season.

Come enjoy your spiritual friends, great food, music, bingo, silent auction, and the festive atmosphere! You will be so happy you did!








Some of the most inspiring stories told are those about people who have endured great trials (illness, persecution, or deprivation). They tell us how grateful they are for these ordeals which brought them closer to God, deepened their faith, and cultivated strength and virtue. Their lives are now illumined with purpose.

May this Thanksgiving be a time to feel the energy of gratitude for all aspects of life, realizing that everything we have been through has made us the amazing purpose-filled people we are today.

My deepest appreciation and gratitude to all of you for who you are and the way you contribute to my life, the CJL community, and the well-being of the planet.


Heartfelt Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen






When things don't turn out the way we had expected, we must not give in to despair. Despair comes from feeling that our prayers are not being answered, a feeling of disconnection from the Source of Good. Now more than ever, it is time to practice optimism and to use our God-given power as an agent for change.

Optimism is confidence that everything will turn out right. Since we are centers of Divine operation, that attitude of optimism opens us to a bigger vision of a better world. That vision attracts the ways and the means for its fulfillment. Alex Steffen writes in The Politics of Optimism, "Introduce intelligent reasons for believing that action is possible, that better solutions are available, and that a better future can be built, and you unleash the power of people to act out of their highest principles. Great movements for social change always begin with statements of great optimism." Ernest Holmes says, "There is a Power for Good in the Universe and we can use it."

Let's be optimistic! Know that all the seeds that we have planted for a better life for everyone are still growing and that everything is working together for the Highest Good. Then let's act out of our highest principles!



Rev. Kathleen







What do we do to tame the overactive mind, so full of irrational, limited thinking that generates fear, anxiety, and the experience of "not enough?" You already know what I am going to say - meditate, pray, vision, and do so daily. Are you hearing yourself saying "But I don't have time!" You are not alone. Lack of time is one of the biggest excuses that people give as to why they don't do their spiritual practice - even though there is more than adequate scientific evidence of meditation's value for peace of mind, health, evolution of consciousness, and abundant living.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics states: "Watching TV was the leisure activity that occupied the most time (2.8 hours per day), accounting for about half of leisure time, on average, for those age 15 and over. Connecting with others was the next most common leisure activity, accounting for nearly 45 minutes per day."

Do you know that a lot of TV programming reinforces irrational, limited, false thinking? Advertisements program our minds to buy products by convincing us that we are lacking. We begin to feel fearful and anxious and are motivated to buy. All the while, we can attain a greater and more permanent sense of well-being by dedicating our precious time to turning within, studying higher truth, and practicing affirmative prayer. Spiritual practice leads us to the awareness that all is well in our world. This "all is well" attitude is the calm in which we can receive divine guidance for the Highest Good for us, for all life.

So what will it be...TV or spiritual practice?

Knowing Your Highest Good,

Rev. Kathleen





How do we who are steeped in the mystical spiritual traditions approach the emotionally charged election that will be decided next Tuesday November 8? My take on it - we turn to inner vision, the capacity to perceive the activity of Spirit in every situation, including the election process. Since we believe that everything is working together for the Highest Good of all, we know that the Highest Good is taking place in this election as well. This deep knowing could include the awareness that the old is falling apart so that the new can be birthed.

The new that is being birthed is a humanity that values and practices trust, kindness, compassion, and wisdom and understands that we are active participants in creation. We (this new humanity) take responsibility for our thoughts and beliefs by focusing on what we want instead of what we don't want. As more and more of us align with the vision of life more abundant on earth, we get to witness it showing up all around us.

Seeing Beyond the Appearance to a Higher Vision,

Rev. Kathleen






Change is simply a part of life. The Universe, the creation of the One Source, is designed to change, expand, and produce new life forms from the Heart of Divine Love. We too are changed by the impulse of Divine Love that lives in us and propels us to express more of who we are in Truth. We sometimes forget though that true lasting change happens on the inside, not from changing things in the external world. When we cooperate with this inner urge of love to express itself, we feel more in the flow. When we resist it, we feel increasingly uncomfortable.

We intend that our spiritual community is that atmosphere of Divine Love in which we all thrive. Divine Love supports us in unfolding our indwelling perfection. As we let each other in the CJL community support our process of change through Sunday celebration services, fellowship, classes, workshops, and practitioner sessions, we allow Infinite Love to do its work of alchemy in our lives. As we intend that we are transforming our inner world of belief in the arms of spiritual community, our Indwelling Essential Self does a happy dance!

Living as the Flow,

Rev. Kathleen






Despite my intention to remain a peaceful presence, I've had some negative reactions to events of the Presidential election. Last night I received some clarity.

What is happening in terms of name-calling, drama, and slander is in conflict with a higher vision I have of our world leaders. This tension between my higher vision and how things appear to my five senses is part of the experience of being pulled by my higher vision into a greater becoming. This tension lets me know that I have some inner work to do. We live in a Spiritual Universe governed by Spiritual Law. We actively participate in it with our thoughts, beliefs, and visions. I pray knowing that all is working together for the Highest Good.

I also reinterpret what is happening in a way that inspires me. I am knowing that this is the last stand of the human ego coming to the surface to be healed so that a higher consciousness may emerge in humanity. I know that the one elected President and the one who is not are both playing their parts so that the rest of us may become inspired to let go of our egoic tendencies to complain, whine, and see others as the enemy. Instead we can choose to treat each other more humanely and with compassion. Since it is done unto us as we believe, I choose to believe this or something better... whatever is for the Highest Good.


Peace To All,

Rev. Kathleen





The mystic Meister Eckhart wrote, "God is not found in the soul by adding, but by a process of subtraction." In the Beyond Limits class, we have been practicing letting go of all negation in the subconscious mind to free it to be fertile soil for the "Great Work" of the Indwelling Divine Self. We are using intention to cleanse the subconscious in the form of affirmative prayer and meditation. This process of clearing and cleansing is also called chemicalization in New Thought/Ancient Wisdom teachings because of the experience of the patterns coming to the surface to be released.

The keys for us are to stay conscious, to witness the pattern in our thinking, feelings, and behaviors, and to remind ourselves that they are on their way out. We also turn to the Spiritual Truth and listen for guidance as to what actions to take if any. In doing so, we are breaking the patterns of belief that sponsor the thinking, emotions, and behaviors that do not serve us.


Letting Go, Letting God,

Rev. Kathleen






Do you want to change something about your life? Begin with the contemplation of the All in All, the One Source and the vastness of Its creation. Look at photos of the universe. I encourage folks to consider putting one on their computers. The mystics of all time and the great spiritual teachers as well as modern day scientists speak of the power of Awe and Wonder, of total Amazement.

Focusing in this way to cultivate the feeling of expansiveness is the first step to breaking out of the patterns of the past. From this place, it is so much easier to then let go of unhappy stories of childhood, teen, and adult years that drag you down. You don't have to have them in your story any longer. Fill your life with love and the other feelings will soon leave you. And keep that expansive state of Awe and Wonder and total Amazement with Life going.


In Awe of Our Life!

Rev. Kathleen




The Center for Joyful Living is celebrating its 6th Anniversary this month surrounded by the Beauty and Wonder of nature. We are taking our beloved potluck to Brandywine Creek State Park, Friday October 7th. The Potluck starts at 6 pm and the Hayride at 7 pm followed by the Bonfire. See the flyer below for details.

Thank you for your part in the flourishing of our beloved spiritual community.


Boundless Love,

Rev. Kathleen






We at CJL are committed to BEING the change we wish to see in the world. On Monday September 19, we hosted our first Peace Week Delaware event. Thirty people gathered at the Center for Joyful Living to practice yoga, meditation, and visioning FOR PEACE - to be the peace we wish to see.

Our spiritual practice that evening took us deep within where we could hear the voice of God reveal to us the newly emerging vision of Peace in Delaware and how we are to grow to be the place in consciousness where this vision is realized. Click here to read the result of visioning "What is the Highest Vision for Peace in Delaware?"



In Peace and Joy,

Rev. Kathleen






When we accept our Divine Self, we are transformed into the awareness that we are a superbeing. The qualities that those who have awakened share in common are: unassailable joy, love without end, freedom, remarkable wisdom, intuitive knowing, ability to take effective action spontaneously, a dynamic force of energy to do what needs to be done, an accessible well of creativity, deep inner strength, calmness in the face of any circumstance, clarity of purpose, ability to be fully present, adaptability - loves change, compassion - can sense the needs of others, a grateful heart.

Research as presented by evolutionary pioneer Craig Hamilton shows that we can cultivate these qualities of awakening and make room for the awakening to take place.

We at the Center for Joyful Living do just that. The practices and principles that we teach, i.e. meditation, visioning, and spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer), are powerful tools for awakening. The way we pray (spiritual mind treatment) is from the perspective of awakened consciousness. Every time we pray and use spiritual law in this way, we are practicing being spiritually awake by transforming consciousness. Each Sunday this month we are learning the secrets of effective prayer. Next week we are starting classes that also further awakening.

Choose a class, connect with those of like mind, develop an awakened, enlightened consciousness, and discover the boundless nature living within your very being, the Presence of God in your very midst.


To Your Awakening,

Rev. Kathleen






This month we deepen our understanding and use of prayer based on the work of Gregg Braden's book The Secrets of the Lost Mode of Prayer. Gregg is a contemporary mystic and scientist who has searched the world for the secrets to effective prayer, our personal use of the All-Power of Spirit. In service September 4th, I introduced the first secret. I told the story of Gregg and 20 fellow travelers who went great distances through hardships to reach a remote Buddhist temple in Tibet. Gregg asked the abbot there, "When we see your prayers...when you tone for 14 to 16 hours a day, when we see or hear the bells, bowls, gongs, chimes, mudras, and mantras, what is happening inside of you?" The abbot answered, "What you have seen is what we do to create the feelings in our body. Feeling is the prayer!"

Ernest Holmes echoes this when he writes, "Feeling is at the center of the Universe and when reflected through consciousness, it sheds its glow wherever the thought travels. Law governs its action and God Himself fulfills its promise." When we look at the teachings of the mystics of many other spiritual traditions, we find that one key to effective prayer is feeling grateful and full of joy that what we desire is already happening.

The native Americans talk about "praying rain": feeling it, smelling it, seeing the results of it. This is the same idea. Pick something you choose to experience in your life. Use your imagination to see it, feel it, hear it. Use all of your senses. Then feel gratitude and give thanks that the Divine has answered!


Happy Praying!

Rev. Kathleen






When I find myself feeling unsettled about things I hear in the news, I lift my mind to see things from a higher perspective. We are living in an amazing Universe so intricately designed, and I am reminded that there are also many dimensions, many realities, that all exist at once. We came to this life to discover the mysteries of our divinity and to practice being our Divine Selves by transcending seemingly impossible situations.

As I reread Jack Addington's The Secret of Healing, a book I read in the early days of my spiritual learning, I am reignited with passion to share the power of Spiritual Mind Treatment to transcend and transform any situation or issue by transforming the mind. I love the real-life stories of dramatic healing that many would call miracles, yet we know is the out-working of Spiritual Law that trumps our physical laws.

Come this month as we realize that miracles are available to each one of us because of Who We Are.


Knowing Your Spiritual Truth,

Rev. Kathleen






I recently read an article on mercy and realized that this form of love is the out-picturing of the safety that we all desire to experience. As we provide safety to others by being merciful, we may have an impact on them to be more merciful in their own lives. This human expression of Divine Love is the opposite of revenge or getting even. It is the child screaming at her parent to stop hitting to which the parent wakes up, chooses mercy, and stops. It is the soldier assisting a wounded enemy and letting him escape to live out his life (as happened in one of the CJL spiritual cinema movies we saw in the spring). As we turn from vengeance or getting even and respond with mercy (seeing all as a call for love and that love or mercy is our answer), we are being the change we wish to see in the world - peacemakers. We are doing our part to create a world of safety in which peace can flourish.


Peace and Mercy,

Rev. Kathleen






We have not come here just to exist. You and I have each come here to be a living manifestation of the Light of Spirit. Our minds are a great asset if they are used by the True Self to be a beneficial presence. Yet much of the time the mind can be full of chatter based on fears that, to a certain extent, we all share as spirit beings having a human experience.

At the annual Spiritual Living Conference last weekend, Rev. Silvia Sumpter of Unity in Washington, DC, shared her experiences at Oneness University in India. The essence of what she learned is that we must not be so into "Oneness" talk - characterized by platitudes - that we do a "spiritual bypass." In other words, part of Inner Integrity (honesty, wholeness, being undivided) is that we must be willing to explore our inner world, notice what does not serve us, and feel it fully until it dissipates. Then we are ready to allow Divine Grace to replace that false belief in the subconscious mind with Spiritual Truth.

This is what we do when we meditate regularly and honestly look at the patterns of thinking that cause inner suffering. That is what our practitioners are trained to help clients explore. The purpose is to be our Authentic Selves in the process of ever increasing liberation and transcendence. I was touched by Rev. Silvia's willingness to share her personal journey of Authenticity and her reminder to be gentle and compassionate with ourselves along the way. We are all in this together!

spiritual journey heart cloudEnjoying the Journey of Authenticity with you,

Rev. Kathleen






As I continue to open to a higher awareness of life, I realize that it does not serve me to try to control things in my life in order to be comfortable (i.e. to avoid pain). If I live this way, I am driven by fear that takes its toll mentally, emotionally, and physically. I would rather have love be the motivation. When love leads, it moves me beyond my comfort zone into the unknown with its new experiences that can feel uncomfortable. Yet I would rather be uncomfortable and growing than be comfortable and stagnating. Letting love lead is letting the True Self lead, and that is guaranteed to be an adventure!

Into the Adventure of Life,

Rev. Kathleen





The Master Teacher, Jesus, taught "You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free." As I meditated Sunday night, I was inspired to contemplate a Truth statement I had heard that afternoon spoken by Joel Goldsmith in an audio clip from Charlie Curtis' workshop. "God is the only Power." Out of the silence, a spiritual mind treatment (contemplative prayer) unfolded in my awareness, arguing for the Ultimate Reality of "One Power."

"God is the only Power. That Power lives in me, through me, as me. So, there is no power in anything in the world of effects. There is no power in disease, in fear, in false ideas, in the weather, in the economy. God is the only Power in my life. It is the Power of Good, of Well-being, of Supply, of Love, of Peace, of Wisdom..."

I began to feel the effects of the words of Truth on my body. The more I contemplated "God is the only Power," the more my body vibrated - until it felt like pure energy. It was so blissful that I continued in this way for quite some time. What is most important to me is that it re-emphasizes the freedom that we have in any moment to change our life experience simply by contemplating Higher Truth! "Know the Truth, and it shall set you free!"


So Grateful,

Rev. Kathleen




What can we do about the divisiveness within and between the political parties that is also being played out in the citizens of our country and even between countries: When I notice something "out there" that I am reacting to or judging, it is "a sign of an unenlightened mind," according to New Thought writer Byron Katie. Any emotional reaction is a signal that I am using my creative nature to create what I do not want.

The solution is to stop that line of thought and look for a spiritual principle to apply. One possibility is "Everything is working together for good" because Universal Love Intelligence is the overarching Presence in all people and all situations. The veil begins to lift, and I can see that all that is happening is the contrast that gives birth to new desires and the evolution of my consciousness and the consciousness of humanity. This not only feels better, it is a good use of the God-given gift of creative thought that affects us all.

Choosing the Higher Path,

Rev. Kathleen






As a spiritual being having a human experience, intimate, healthy relationships are vital to our well-being. While our relationships with family and friends serve part of that need, spiritual community is designed to fulfill a different need.

Spiritual community has opened me to a whole new realm of spiritual experience. The combination of the Sunday messages with the classes helped me to gain insights and integrate them into my life. I have formed a deep and personal relationship with the Divine. With the guidance of practitioners and ministers in the teaching who devote their lives to spiritual realization, I have experienced some major changes in my life that have made me a happier and more fulfilled person.

What do I love about this teaching? It is open at the top. There is always new territory to explore on the inner landscape. Sharing deeply with others has helped me be a better listener and communicator. It has led to awakenings, to the shedding of patterns that don't serve me, and has paved the way for my heart to open to experience God's Love.

My calling to be a practitioner and then a minister came as a deep desire to see that this teaching - that has helped me so much - is passed on. I want others to have the opportunity to experience loving, conscious spiritual community. I want to give back to others what I have received so generously from others who came before me, "that YOU may have life and have it more abundantly," as the great Master Teacher once said.

Here at CJL, we have so many fine opportunities to awaken, deepen, grow, and serve. Join us each Sunday for service, or in a spiritual growth circle, or in a class. It is so much more fun to journey with others!

Enjoying the Journey Together,

Rev. Kathleen




I have learned first-hand that opposing or being against others in thought, word, or deed is destructive. My intention is to place my attention on what I am for and to allow others to have their own experiences. It helps me to remember that each of us is the face of God, each guided, supported, and directed by Universal Intelligence. How much more supported and safe can we be? How good it is to know that Life is for us.

And "what we resist (oppose) persists." Our thoughts impress the Creative Substance of Spirit, thereby becoming things and experiences. If we complain about a candidate, coworker, neighbor, institution, a situation, or even a part of ourselves, we are using the power of creation to create more of the characteristic that we complain about. Our complaining reinforces what we don't like in ourselves and in others. A thought of what we oppose manifests just like any other thought.

As spiritual beings, one of our life lessons is to see the Divine (the good) behind every disguise. In that way we call forth the best in everyone. Great teachers know this. Affirm this Truth statement, "I look past the disguise and see that indeed the Light of God is there."

Seeing the Light in You,

Rev. Kathleen






I just watched the documentary AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda on Netflix. (You can watch it too on July 22 at CJL's Spiritual Cinema night.) Yogananda taught Universal Spiritual Principles (echoed in our New Thought teachings) that appealed to people of many faiths around the world. To achieve Self-Realization, he taught meditation as a foundational practice. I am always touched by similar teachings of the great mystics, revealers of Truth. Have you noticed that meditation is the foundation upon which the other spiritual practices rest? We go within to connect with Universal Source. From this state of connection with the Divine, we are supported and guided into right action to achieve our intentions for the Highest Good.

This month I am using a beautiful little book called The Path to Wealth by New Thought author May McCarthy. In it she clearly states that any successful person like herself has a CONSISTENT DAILY SPIRITUAL PRACTICE OF PARTNERING WITH THE DIVINE. Since 1982, May has built several large multi-million dollar companies using these practices. Come each Sunday as we look at the elements of a fruitful spiritual practice.








I am feeling renewed and so grateful after my 3-day meditation and yoga retreat at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts. My teachers for the weekend were Stephen Cope (on the yogic path for 27 years) and Sharon Salzberg (on the Buddhist path for 45 years). Sharon caught my attention when she said, "You can always begin again" - a gentle reminder to not judge ourselves when we get lost in thought during meditation. Instead, we can simply return to the breath and remember that we are the Witness of the thought.

What if that were our practice throughout the day? When we get caught in thoughts that cause suffering like fear, doubt, anger, guilt, resentment - we can take a deep breath and return to the present moment. BEGIN AGAIN. This is a fresh new moment of creation.

There is only One Life, One Source, and you are that Life individualized. You have the power of creation coursing through you. This moment is a new opportunity to create a new experience of happiness by thinking a new thought. The Buddhist prayer of compassion is a possible new thought that opens the heart to Love. How about using it when you are walking the dog or waiting in line? Use I, You, We, All beings, etc. as you are guided.

"May you ( I, we, all beings) be filled with loving-kindness, mayyou be well, may you be peaceful and at ease, and may you be happy!" (You can also "I am," "We are," "All beings are," etc.) Click on the links below for more information.

Loving Kindness Meditation (handout)

Loving Kindness Meditation (mp3 audio file), UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center


Rev. Kathleen





At CJL, we encourage a wholistic approach to life that is called radical self-care. It includes cultivating a rich relationship with Spirit, studying spiritual teachings based on love, engaging in physical exercise, getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy food, enjoying nature, maintaining healthy relationships, doing work that is fulfilling, etc. As part of my personal radical self-care, I am attending a meditation retreat this weekend at the Kripalu Center in Massachusetts.

You too can give yourself the gift of radical self-care. We train professional practitioners who complete over two years of training in spiritual study, spiritual practice, spiritual coaching, and teaching the technologies of spiritual transformation.

FREE SPIRITUAL COACHING THROUGH OCTOBER. Our practitioner interns have just completed two years of professional practitioner training. For practitioner certification through Emerson Theological Institute, they are to complete five case studies and attain five verification of demonstration letters from their clients. You can be one of them! There is no fee for the coaching/prayer sessions during the internship period which ends when they graduate on November 6. The practitioner interns partner with you in spiritual realization. They are trained in the uncovering and transformation of hidden beliefs that limit your ability to move forward with your life and realize your dreams. (See the SEVA article below.)

If you prefer a more seasoned licensed professional practitioner, you can arrange to do spiritual coaching with one of them for a fee. A list and contact information is available here. Opportunity abounds!


In Love and Light,

Rev. Kathleen







Considering what happened Sunday morning at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, it might be tempting to allow rage, fear, and discontent to take over. But we know that the only thing that ultimately heals all challenging situations is the power of prayer, prayers of peace to the situation as well as any actions of kindness that we are guided to take.

We are aware that an act of violence like this can easily add to the trends of hatred and fear that many in our country are engaged in. Yet it is important to realize that the cycle of violence and hatred does not stop by adding more of the same. I am inviting you to open your hearts and join me in a collective prayer of peace and healing. Let's begin with the consciousness of being the change we wish to see, so beautifully put forth by St. Francis of Assisi:

Lord, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is hatred, let me sow love;
Where there is injury, pardon;
Where there is doubt, faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy.

We know that God is all there is and that all that God is in Essence, we are. We are the Peace, Love, and Healing Power of God and the instruments of these energies. Let us extend this healing to those who were killed, knowing they are safe, secure, and well cared for on their eternal journeys. Let us know that those injured are under the benevolent care of the Spirit which is pouring the healing power of Love in, through, and as them. Let us know that those who witnessed the shootings and the loved ones of all those affected are filled with peace of mind and strength to move forward with their lives.

And for the shooter Omar Mateen, we look beyond the darkness of the tortured mind and know that even there the Truth of God lives as peace and harmony. May his family also be surrounded in understanding and in peace. It is in challenging situations such as this that we are called upon to draw from that deep well of the Divine within and play our part in being the solution in consciousness. We do so in courage, in sincerity, and in strength, opening to the healing power of love and extending that to all of humanity, knowing that this is another opportunity to turn the tide of human consciousness in the direction of peace, harmony, and love. I give thanks for this shift in awareness and let the Power of God as Love and Law bring this into manifestation. And so it is.

Remember that your ministers and practitioners are available to support you.



Resting in the Arms of Infinite Peace,
Rev. Kathleen








Many of us who have been on the spiritual path for some time have read a lot of books, taken trainings and classes, and may still feel like we are not making the progress that we would like. What often happens is that we focus on what we think we "should" be doing to realize our dreams, or we try to figure outhow to get there. These approaches can create a lot of inner resistance from the subconscious mind that balks at "shoulds." It is really designed to keep status quo and to help us survive.

To help the subconscious mind align with your intentions, it is important to focus on why that intention is for your Highest and Best. For example, my intention is to let go of my limiting beliefs and negative self-talk and to let God run my life. WHY? Because Universal Mind does a great job running the Universe. There is great Wisdom there, and if I allow It to, It will do an equally great job operating through and showing up as my life. WHY? Because I choose to do my part to fulfill the Divine Plan or Vision to realize Heaven on Earth. I have come up with 13 more of these reasons.

I invite you to do the same with your intentions. Notice then how much easier it is to stay motivated and on track.


Enjoying Sharing this Journey With You!

Rev. Kathleen








After studying Ernest Holmes' idea of visioning, Dr. Michael Beckwith wrote this about the spiritual practice: "Visioning is a process by which we train ourselves to be able to hear, feel, see, and catch God's plan for our life or for any particular project we're working on...It is based on the idea that we're not here to tell God what to do or to ask God for things but to absolutely be available for what God is already doing, to open ourselves up to catch what's already happening."

That quote is from an article that was written in the 1996 issue of Science of Mind magazine. I poured over it back then and countless times since then. I have been practicing visioning for even longer. It is a powerful tool that helps us move from effort and struggle to ease and grace - to living in the flow of God's plan for our lives. I have been observing things shift and change within me as I practice visioning multiple times a week and sometimes several times a day.

In between sessions, I am noticing thought patterns that do not serve me and releasing them with a large exhale. As I inhale, my mind and emotions become quiet, a return to peace. Come Sunday to continue this conversation on living in the flow of Divine Abundance.

With an open heart, I also invite you to join me for the class 'Awakening - Journey to Truth' that starts this summer. It is based on Michael A. Singer's book The Untethered Soul. Take a moment, read the class information below, and listen for guidance.

Read the complete Science of Mind magazine interview with Dr. Michael Beckwith here.


Rev. Kathleen






What does it really mean to release, let go, and let Spirit run your life? To me, it means letting go of the ego's ways of struggle in order to make things happen. It also means asking questions of Spirit (Inner Wisdom), listening deeply for guidance, and following it.

A beautiful way to cultivate this deep listening is by regularly engaging in the spiritual practice of visioning. I see visioning as the perfect marriage of meditation and prayer (affirmative prayer or spiritual mind treatment). When I vision, I am in deep conversation with the Divine. I ask, "What is the Highest Vision for my life?" and record what I receive.

The next set of questions is "What am I to release, heal or surrender? What am I to embrace or become?" By taking the last two questions into prayer, I am showing my willingness to be the condition in consciousness that makes the vision welcome. Between visioning sessions, I am committed to letting go of any sense of struggle or of effort (of the ego). Instead, I take inspired action (guided by the Inner Divine) to the best of my ability.

I am totally in love with visioning as my deep conversation with the Divine.

Open to Living in the Flow,

Rev. Kathleen






In one of my previous New Thought spiritual communities, one of the practitioners would say from the platform, "God is Good!" The congregation would respond, "All the time!" You might hear this and think, "Ok, but what is good about conflict?"

Is there a person in your life who often pushes your buttons or vice versa? Are you continually finding yourself in verbal conflict with this person? Here is what I have to offer. First I remind myself that all behavior is either "love or a call for love." Conflict is a call for Divine Love which won't happen as long as the old patterns of relating are running the show. Einstein said that a problem cannot be solved at the same level of consciousness that created it. Verbal conflict, this "call for love," is calling me to grow in love.

Meditation takes me deeper, below the old patterns to the Divine within. D uring your meditation practice, I invite you to ask, "What would Love look like, feel like, and sound like in my interactions with ____?" Taking time in the silence in deep listening calls forth the solution.

There are two more questions to complete this process, "What am I to release (beliefs, habits, behaviors, etc.) in order to live this vision? What am I to become or embrace?" The answers you receive can be taken into prayer to effect their manifestation. You can also use them to form a powerful intention statement. As you transform your consciousness, often the conflict will simply melt away. Going within and listening for guidance is the ultimate way to practice a deep trust in God. Ah, yes, conflict too is good. It encourages us to grow in love!



Growing in Love,

Rev. Kathleen








I just began a training on facilitating the visioning process (Candace is taking it as well) that is quite rich. I am reminded how important it is to stay in beginner's mind to remain teachable. I have been leading visioning sessions for about 20 years now, and even with all of that, there is more to learn. I am seeing that it is possible to go deeper into the process and be of greater service by opening more fully to the vision for my life.

Visioning is a pathway to self-realization. It is about being a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of our Divinity. As we live more and more from our Divine Selves, we live in the Field of Pure Potentiality and Possibility as well as in Wisdom. From here, all else is added.

Anyone who is interested is invited to join the CJL leaders in visioning each month. At the beginning of each SPARK (leader training) meeting the second Sunday of the month, we will lead everyone in a session to catch the ever-unfolding vision for CJL. Then we will pray for all of our individual personal transformations so that the vision can emerge. It is a beautiful way to show our commitment to "being the change we wish to see" in support of our beloved community.

Willing to stay tuned into the Field of Possibility

and to more fully align with the Inner Divine,

Rev. Kathleen




My own mother made her transition while asleep about a year and a half ago at the age of 90. When I reflect on the final months before her passing, I am so grateful that my sister and I were able to experience a healing in our relationship with her. A few months before she left, all of the family members were present for a big birthday celebration we organized for her, which really touched her deeply. She felt our love for her. She spoke of it often.

What if we could all find a place in our hearts not only to forgive our mothers for how we think they came up short, but also to ask forgiveness in our own hearts for the temper tantrums we threw, for the times we acted disrespectfully, and for the failure to have compassion for what they went through.

I invite you to do this for yourself even if you don't think your mother deserves it. This healing of your own heart will open you to receive the abundant good that Spirit has in store for you. And extra bonus - you are doing your part to heal the heart of humanity.

In Loving Respect,

Rev. Kathleen






Last month we gained a deeper understanding of what it means to remove the mask of the small self (that we think needs to be fixed and improved) to reveal the intrinsic qualities of the Authentic Self, already whole, perfect, and complete, made in the likeness and image of God and ever-unfolding in this human experience. We discovered the power of affirmative prayer to catapult us up the glass elevator from ego to Essence (Authentic Self) - a space in which our minds clear, making inner wisdom more accessible. This inner wisdom, our direct line with Spirit, is always there to provide all we need to thrive, innovate, and collaborate with others to create a better world experience.

This kind of creativity and innovation is happening all over the Center for Joyful Living community. Let me highlight a few examples:

  • Laurie Clark and I, representing CJL, are collaborating with people from other organizations and faiths to create the first ever Peace Week Delaware to be held September 18-25.

  • Under the leadership of Nancy Zippe, the CJL congregation has collected and donated over 3,000 toiletry items to Friendship House for people in transition.

  • Bryan Piane and Marcie Knox led the way collecting cans of soup in February for the Sunday Breakfast Mission.

  • CJL practitioners and ministers have provided countless hours of transformational prayer and spiritual coaching to our members.

  • With a high level of quality, CJL leader champions, leaders, and volunteers facilitate leader training, Sunday services, events, classes, and spiritual growth circles.

  • Our Board of Trustees, Board of Regents, and production team collaborate to let Spirit work through us to fulfill the mission, vision, and intention of our ministry.

  • Our administrative assistant, Marianne Ruane, creates art in the form of social media and other support.

Together we are spreading the Love and Wisdom of Spirit, being the change we wish to see!


Rev. Kathleen




This Sunday, my focus with be on Spiritual Mind Treatment (affirmative prayer) and the power of working with a practitioner for spiritual coaching. At the end of my message, I will invite all congregants to go up to a practitioner or minister for a brief prayer. I hope you will join us to receive this beautiful gift.

Ernest Holmes has this to say about the practitioner's work: "A practitioner works through the Law of Mind, definitely, for someone else. He declares the truth about the person whom he is treating, stating that this person is a Divine Being, complete, happy, satisfied, conscious of his own spiritual being; that this thing which is causing him to suffer now is not a law, has no right to be, is no longer effective through him, cannot suggest anything to him; that he is free from it; that this word - which the practitioner is speaking - removes any obstruction in mind, or obstruction in manifestation, and allows the flow of life through this individual. He makes such statements to himself, about this individual, as tend to clear up, in his own thought, his belief about the person whom he is treating, until finally he comes to a place in his treatment where he says that the person is now all right; he is free from that condition. It can never return. That this is the Truth about him; that this now is the Truth. This is a formed treatment, stated definitely - a scientific treatment."


Rev. Kathleen





The Greek translation of the word 'apocalypse' is disclosure of knowledge, lifting the veil, or revelation of a vision of heavenly secrets. Morgan Freeman in the National Geographic Channel's Story of God agreed with this, saying the Greek definition of 'apocalypse' is lifting the veil.

As we strengthen our practice of meditation, we are lifting the veil between a false sense of separation and the awareness of Oneness. Here, the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven within are revealed. Here, we find what we are seeking, right within our very being.

In the Joy of the Journey Within,

Rev. Kathleen




Why does it serve us to look for the good, "the silver lining," in every situation? There is a spiritual principle that says, "where attention goes, energy flows." Our thoughts are creative. If we focus on what is bad, wrong, or missing, we create inner turmoil, the stress response, that directs blood flow away from the brain to the muscles to prepare us to fight or run. This interferes with the function of the problem-solving aspect of the brain.

By looking for the good, we develop some equanimity (inner calm in the midst of a life challenge) and allow creative solutions to come to mind. Looking for the good in a situation could be: "This challenge is an opportunity for me to deepen my connection with God as I turn within in prayer and deep listening. As creative solutions come, I rely on God to reveal the ways and means of implementing the solutions. I grow in faith. I grow in trust." As we look for the good in life, we grow in gratitude, appreciation, and optimism. Life becomes an adventure instead of a struggle.

Blessings and Deep Peace,

Rev. Kathleen




Reading scripture as fact can lead to erroneous conclusions according to Aramaic Bible scholars like Dr. Geroge Lamsa (whose native language is Aramaic) and Dr. Rocco Errico, his student. New Thought mystics and authors like Emmet Fox, Ernest Holmes, Charles Fillmore, and others have known this for some time. It is important to understand the Semitic culture, psychology, symbolism, mysticism, direct translations from the Aramaic language (like the Lamsa Bible), amplification (use of exaggeration for effect), and idioms. The Semitic people who wrote the Bible were not interested in historical accuracy. They were interested in conveying a rich spiritual message that would assist the readers in spiritual living, in being who they are in Truth - beings of God, Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Wisdom, etc.

One erroneous conclusion from reading scripture is to think that the ticket to heaven is to give away everything. Aramaic scholars like Lamsa say that it is a spiritual misunderstanding to consider money and possessions as evil. The problem is not possessing riches. It is being dependent on them for happiness - giving them power to create happiness when God is the only Power. The way to prove the powerlessness of possessions is for you to have them and not be affected by them one way or another. This frees you to use them to make the world a better place.

Awakening to Higher Truth,

Rev. Kathleen





The Center for Joyful Living is a "campus of consciousness" and a "caring community." As the Board of Regents compiled the community visioning results for 2016, we noticed that there was great coherence among the community members in the vision for 2016. We lovingly studied the visioning results, looked for points of consistence, and listened within. We respectfully offer to you the Intention Statement for 2016 that emerged:

The Center for JOYFUL Living is an inviting, healthy, diverse, caring spiritual community, a sanctuary of healing, and an ever-expanding beacon of the One Light igniting and inspiring personal transformation and global evolution of human consciousness.

Living in the Ever-Unfolding Vision with you, my friends,

Rev. Kathleen






When we begin with the awareness that all there is is God, Universal Mind, it follows that we must all be individualized expressions of God, made in the likeness and image of God. The great master teacher Jesus modeled this divinity and let us know that we too are divine when he said, "Ye are gods, children of the most high." He reminded us that "These things I do, you shall do, and even greater things you shall do."

So how do we live from this miracle mindset or Christ Mind? First of all, expect miracles and strengthen your awareness faculties through meditation. Current brain science shows that meditation expands awareness so we can make better choices in our thoughts, words and actions. This quote from Eknath Easwaran in his book Words to Live By speaks of the paradigm we must transcend to reap the benefits of a calm mind. I know this is a message designed for me - maybe for you too.

"Somehow, in our modern civilization, we have acquired the idea that the mind is working best when it runs at top speed. Yet a racing mind lacks time even to finish a thought, let alone to check on its quality. When we slow down the mind, we work better at everything we do. Not only is the quality of our work better, we are actually able to get more done. A calm, smooth-running flow of thought saves a lot of wear and tear on the nervous system, which means we have more vitality and resilience in the face of stress."

My Deepest Love,

Rev. Kathleen






While in Mumbai, India, we visited the apartment of Gandhi. I was struck by the simplicity of the room with minimal furniture and several looms for making his own cloth. Gandhi had instructed all of his followers to make their own cloth in protest to the injustice of the British merchants. The British were buying raw cotton at a low price from the Indians, sending it to England to be turned into cloth and clothing, selling it back to the Indians at a high price, and not allowing the Indians to make their own cloth.

Gandhi's commitment to social justice and his use of non-violent protest led ultimately to the liberation of India. His spiritual mastery is legendary.

James Twyman is using the same principle. He is calling upon his millions of followers to stage a nonviolent peace sit-in at the Donald Trump rally on March 21. This is a demonstration that Gandhi lives on in the hearts of folks like James Twyman and his followers. Gandhi's example is still accomplishing great good. James Twyman's most recent peace meditation resulted in a ceasefire in Syria. Earlier ones led to ceasefires in Iraq and other war-torn countries. This time the focus will be sending prayers of peace to those present at the Donald Trump rally and to the entire population of the US.


With High Regards and Deep Peace,

Rev. Kathleen






Those of us who are consciously on the spiritual path know that "the way in is the way out" of our life challenges. If we include prayer and meditation in our day, we make conscious contact with the vibration of the Most High within and move through the day under the umbrella of Higher Consciousness.

To be a modern mystic, it only takes a relatively short time each day. Walter Starke, New Thought mystic, writes, "If we spend too much time praying, it is a denial of faith rather than an affirmation."

Join us each Sunday in March to take the deep refreshing dive within and watch our lives take on a new quality.


Seeing the Divine as You,

Rev. Kathleen





Are you aware that beneath the cloud of fear that you may sometimes feel is a huge fountain of creativity? It is written that "all-inclusive love casts out all fear." ('All-inclusive' is a better interpretation than 'perfect', according to Rocco Ericco, Aramaic Biblical scholar.) Let's experiment and prove it. Next time you feel fear, determine what it is that you are afraid of. Instead of judging yourself for feeling fear, choose instead to love yourself for feeling the fear. Take a few deep breaths to support the process. Appreciate your fear and watch it turn into creative energy. So you see, fear is a pathway to creativity when properly embraced!

With Love,

Rev. Kathleen




Enjoy spiritual community at its deepest by giving yourself the gift of a class. Practitioner Kimberly Inman is teaching a 4-week class called 'The Power,' and then Candace Berkowitz RScP will be teaching the classic course 'Roots of Science of Mind,' one of my favorites which deals with the great mystics who founded the New Thought movement.

Growing in Spirit Together,

Rev. Kathleen




"As ambassadors of change, we represent peace, harmony, and good stewardship on the planet." This is one of the sentences in the vision for the Center for Joyful Living. We continue to live this vision through our Sunday services, spiritual growth circles, classes, the support of our practitioners and ministers, and the outreach projects that we do in the greater community. We are now taking a bigger role in the greater Wilmington community to create a Culture of Peace.

Last Saturday I met with about 30 other peace advocates and religious leaders to share ideas for creating peace in our own community. At the meeting there was a request for people who felt 'called' to become a part of the Planning Team for the first ever Peace Week in the City of Wilmington. I was asked to participate, and I felt a full body 'YES!' - for me that is 'God bumps' and a blissful rush of energy throughout my entire body. It is God within letting me know that this is mine to do.

I see the people of the City of Wilmington so embodying the Culture of Peace that other cities come to us to find out how we did it - how we transformed a city of violence into a haven of peace. I shared this with the CJL community last Sunday, and two of our members, Linda Malley and Laurie Clark, stepped up to be a part of the Planning Team. Dawn Janvier also offered to hold a workshop as part of Peace Week. I am so grateful for the way God works in our lives.

We are taking the next step to be ambassadors of change. We do represent peace, harmony, and good stewardship in Wilmington, a vital part of planet Earth.

Peace and Goodwill,

Rev. Kathleen







Eric Butterworth in his book Spiritual Economics wrote, "Lack and limitation are aberrations in an opulent Universe. Any person who is experiencing lack is, in some way, living in opposition to the universal flow." God is Omnipresence, present everywhere in totality all at the same time. Prosperity is a state of spiritual well-being - a state of mind - a feeling of abundance. This state of understanding - that we are centers of Divine Operation and we live move and have our being in the opulent, lavish Substance of the Universe - is the consciousness of wholeness. This is the key to prosperity of every kind. The Allness of Love is then present everywhere in Its fullness.

Join us this month as we learn to embody this Spiritual Truth. It sets us free to enjoy love in the form of family, friends, oneself, and all of life. This is a game changer! (No pun intended, Super Bowl fans!)


Growing in Love,

Rev. Kathleen






As we are snuggled in and enjoying the snow, this may be a good time to take care of incompletions. They are a major barrier to growing into a more radiant, wise, and loving presence. Incompletions also limit present moment creativity. They have a way of pulling on us unconsciously and using up our vital energy - acting as blocks to forward progress. They may cause us to be numb to our inner guidance - the way by which we receive new ideas, solutions, and clear steps in the fulfillment of our desires.

From Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks' book Conscious Loving, here are some questions to ask ourselves regarding incompletions. Answering them can assist us in freeing up positive energy.

  • What feelings have I separated myself from? (hint - this is often an emotion that everyone else around us seems to have that we think we don't have).

  • What relationships have I left incomplete? What do I need to do to complete them?

  • What agreements have I broken and not cleaned up? What have I said I would do that I have not done? What have I agreed not to do that I have done?

  • What communications have I left unsaid?

  • What have I started and not finished?

  • To whom do I owe money?

  • Whom do I need to forgive?

  • To whom do I owe appreciation (even to those who have wounded us.)

The last two are the most powerful. The moment we forgive and say 'thank you,' fresh energy flows through us.

Growing in Spirit with you,

Rev. Kathleen





What is your intention for 2016? Are you aware that no matter what your goals may be, spiritual advancement - becoming a vibrational match to your vision - is the way to manifest that vision? Imagine yourself working with a compassionate spiritual coach who supports you in clarifying your vision and then preparing your consciousness to live that vision. Imagine that this coach has received over 3 1/2 years of coursework (or up to 5 1/2 years of coursework for a minister) in Spiritual Truth Principles and Practices, has developed high consciousness, has studied the teachings of spiritual masters, has learned spiritual coaching skills, and has learned spiritual technologies that transform consciousness such as visioning, meditation, and spiritual mind treatment. Imagine that this spiritual coach is trained to see you as your highest potential Self living the life of your dreams and to show you the path to fulfillment.

Look no further. At the Center for Joyful Living, we have several licensed practitioners and ministers with the qualifications listed above who have dedicated their lives to supporting the spiritual growth and prosperity of others. Give yourself the gift of accelerated spiritual growth and set up an appointment with your spiritual coach today. Click here to get started.


In Full Support of Your Divine Potential,

Rev. Kathleen





It can be very tempting to allow our minds to focus on what is wrong or what is missing, but we know that this serves no one. Because of the creative power of the mind, we reap what we sow in focus and in thought. Focusing on what is missing and what is wrong is a sure way to plant what we do not want. This spiritual principle was brought forth in our SPARK leadership meeting on Sunday. We are blessed with some very enlightened leaders. As we speak and think about our spiritual community or anything else in our lives, let us all look for the good that is happening and then watch it take root and grow!

Growing in Love,

Rev. Kathleen





As you begin this new year of 2016, remember Who You Are in Truth, an emanation of the Most High, that the creative flow of the Divine moves through you constantly for your use, and that your deepest heartfelt dreams are the movement of the Mind of God in and as you.

With this in mind, it is important to pay attention to what your mind is focused on - that is what you are creating. Remaining unconscious of the power of your thoughts and words will lead to the "same old same old." Creating something new means giving up old ways of thinking.

You have the power of choice. I invite you to wake up each morning and declare what you choose. At last Sunday's service, I told a story about a man named Jerry. Each morning he had a conversation with himself: "I can choose a good mood or a bad mood. I choose a good mood. Each time something bad happens, I can choose to be a victim or to learn from the experience. I choose to learn. Every time someone complains, I can choose to accept his or her complaining or to point out the positive. I choose to point out the positive."

All of our desires hinge on the power of the word CHOICE! If I choose throughout the day to keep my vibration high by directing the focus of my mind, I open myself to the flow of God's Great Good.


Boundless Joy!

Rev. Kathleen

Rev. Kathleen's Blog 2015


blog 12/31/15

Our E-Squared class starts next week on January 6th! (Call 302-635-7316 to sign up.) While class participants are working on energy experiments to manifest their visions for 20166, I will be supporting the work of the class with additional experiments based in the teachings of Science of Mind and in another book by Pam Grout, E-Cubed. Come each Sunday AND get involved in the E-Squared class to learn the art of creating turning point moments in your life that lead to greater love, joy, peace, and manifestation of your visions for 2016.

A turning point is the moment of decision, the moment we individually or collectively decide to make a shift, to head in a different direction, or to view things another way - a decision which results in a radically different outcome.

Living in Vision,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 12/24/15

We are spirit, made in God's likeness and image out of God Stuff, having a human experience. Our humanity with all of its ups and downs is still an aspect of our divinity. All is included in the One Life of God. To me this is a very important thing to remember, especially during the activity of the holiday season. You may be facing a loss of a job or home, an illness, family conflict, or some other disquieting life circumstance and feeling anxious, depressed, alone, angry, or sad. Whatever may be your experience, please know that you are not alone. You have a spiritual family that cares about you. Remember to reach out to me or to one of our other ministers or practitioners or to one of your spiritual friends so we may bathe you in prayers of love. We can support you in remembering that the Power of God is operating in and as your life, resolving the seemingly impossible. Affirmation: "God is more than this."

Have a Peaceful Christmas,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 12/17/15

While I believe the intention of the holidays is for it to be a time of remembering the One Light of the Divine as us and as all, for many the holidays are a time of darkness, anxiety, loneliness, and sadness which may be compounded by fear reactions to the world news. The human mind that is designed to protect us can react to news, etc. with the fight or flight response, which over time can take its toll on the body. Yet we are the One Pure Spirit having a human experience. We can return to this awareness by spiritual practices that restore our connection to Spirit while additionally blessing all beings.

One practice that I offer today is the Loving-Kindness meditation from our Buddhist brothers and sisters. This meditation is continually practiced in one form or another all over the world. I invite you join the many who are practicing Loving-Kindness and contributing to peace and love on earth.

loving kindness meditation (handout)

Loving Kindness Meditation (mp3 audio file), UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center

Peace, Love, and Light,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 12/10/15

How can we best respond to the mass exodus of Syrians and people from African countries? I ask myself this, and here is the guidance that I receive. The only place where I truly have power to create peace is in my own mind and heart. Peace begins within. It is important to work at the level of cultivating inner peace first for lasting peace. Trying to create peace through retaliation, reaction, and more violence simply is not how it works. We know this. We have witnessed in the media the results of violent retaliation. Terrorism has not gone away.

We cultivate peace with our spiritual practice. We can also be PROACTIVE by working with over two million others through Intenders of the Highest Good who, several times a week, plant new "seed" visions of a better life on planet Earth. We have the power to bring God's Light, Peace, and Love. Together we are a powerful energy for Good. If you have not already done so, simply click here to sign up. It's free and easy. Just read the visions they send by email and click yes if you agree.

Light and Peace,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 12/3/15

I love the New Thought spiritual path. It is a path of Light based in Ancient Wisdom mystic teachings, a deeper understanding of the sacred texts based on the Oneness of the One Light. We are therefore of the One Light. We are Light. It is a path accessible to all of us. We do not have to be Biblical scholars. It is a path that is practical and relevant to our daily lives. It is a path of awakening and enlightenment. It is a path of being the Light of Cosmic Consciousness that we are designed to be.

Living from the Light, life is less stressful than being caught up in the stories and illusions of the surface mind. The great mystic Yogananda wrote in his book From Whispers From Eternity, (speaking to the Creator): "Make me see that I am just acting in Thy super-sense vitaphone Cosmic Pictures ... Beholding the elusive sound-pictures, I am sure this daily-changing drama of turbulent and dancing lives is nothing but a vast dream-vitaphone presentation ... Teach me to look upon the tragedy-pictures of my own life with a thrilling, interested attitude, so that, at the end of each terribly sad picture, I may exclaim: 'Ah, that was a good picture, full of thrills and life. I am pleased to have seen it, for I have learned much from it.'"

December's theme is Celebrating Cosmic Consciousness. In the New Thought spiritual tradition, we celebrate the birth of Jesus, our Master Teacher, and the birth of the Cosmic Christ in us all.

Join us each Sunday to learn what living from Cosmic Consciousness means and how it can bring more ease and grace to your life. Bring your friends and family.

Celebrating Cosmic Consciousness,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 11/26/15

How wonderful that we have a holiday focused on one of the most powerful spiritual practices that we can participate in - gratitude. Gratitude or giving thanks is THE spiritual practice for cultivating Abundance Consciousness, pure and simple. If there is any sense of lack in our lives, we can begin by looking for things to be grateful for. Then we can take it one step further for a deeper spiritual experience - appreciation. As we reflect on the reasons we are grateful for someone or something, we begin to feel appreciation. We can be grateful for a sunny day. However, if we are present with the day, we can begin to appreciate the beauty, the crispness of the air, the warmth of the sunshine on our bodies, the vibrant green of the grass or evergreens. If we are present with others, we can begin to appreciate their eye colors, their smiles, the way they say something, and other traits about them that are endearing. Appreciation is present moment awareness of the good that helps us to feel fully alive, more inspired, energized, and in the energy of love.

Now for the invitation... I invite you to practice appreciation using all of your senses and imagination this holiday season. Let me know what happens!

With Deep Appreciation for Who You Are!

Rev. Kathleen




blog 11/19/15

There is a great little book that I have been reading called Money is Love by Barbara Wilder. The teaching is that money is Divine Energy that is affected by our consciousness. If we see it as being in scarce supply, then we can become obsessed with getting it, spending it, hoarding it. In this kind of relationship, we have lost money's sacred connection to Spirit. If we see money as sacred energy which is in abundant supply, we tend to relax more, feel grateful more. We are able to give from a place of appreciation, abundance, and goodwill, and be therefore in the flow of it.

Income is Spirit flowing in our lives. Income comes in many forms, and money is just one of the them. Income can also be ideas, solutions, inspiration, energy, and motivation to accomplish our goals. When we see that Spirit is truly the Source of money, we open up to the flow.

Living, Loving, and Laughing in the Flow,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 11/12/15

As many of you already know, New Thought communities are joining the Association for Global New Thought in its Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration. Candace and a few select speakers are offering short talks on different world spiritual traditions a few times each month from September through December. My Sunday messages also include quotes and teachings from various spiritual traditions. Have you noticed how much New Thought really has in common with other religions? It is clear to me, especially after attending the Parliament of World Religions, that there is a large contingent of representatives from almost 50 world religions who are looking for common ground and who are enthusiastic to work together for the good of the planet. Our media would have us think otherwise. Join me in seeing the fulfillment of the vision of more and more people celebrating diversity and feeling unity as fellow citizens of planet Earth.

Celebrating our Diversity and Unity,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 11/5/15

How well are affirmations working for you? If not as well as you would like, then this is for you. Affirmations when well-worded, used regularly, and spoken with emotion can be very powerful ways of installing new beliefs which result in a happier life.

Since affirmations affirm what we don't currently believe, they tend to create some inner dissonance. The mind tends to come up with a laundry list of "yeah buts." You can do what some do which is to just keep affirming over and over until the dissonance goes away. OR you can work with a licensed practitioner or minister from CJL to help you move through it more quickly.

Our licensed practitioners and ministers are trained for 3+ years in the art and science of spiritual principles and practice. Call 302-635-7316 to set up an appointment.

In Service to the Highest Good,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 10/29/15

This powerful statement is written in the Parliament of World's Religions Declaration Toward a Global Ethic handbook. Keep in mind that this came from a Board made up of a diverse group of religions and spiritual traditions, yet it reflects the Truth that we teach in New Thought. It reads:

"In conclusion, we appeal to all the inhabitants of this planet. Earth cannot be changed for the better unless the consciousness is changed. We pledge to work for such transformation in individual and collective consciousness, for the awakening of our spiritual powers through reflection, meditation, prayer, or positive thinking, for a conversion of the heart. Together, we can move walls!"

New Thought, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Native Cultures, Islam, Sikhism, Taoism, etc. truly are coming together as one. The time is now for each of us to take the Inner Action to embody the consciousness of Oneness and Love that contributes to the tipping point in human consciousness. This consciousness gives birth to a New Earth in which the Golden Rule of 'treat others as you want to be treated' reigns!

Deepening in Love and Compassion,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 10/22/15

Are you keeping up with the 40-day process of writing down 10 things to be grateful for each day? Gratitude is a powerful spiritual practice to upgrade your consciousness to receive more good. Why 40 days? Forty represents the time it takes to transform consciousness.

I am experimenting also with an abundance practice from the Hindu tradition. It too is a 40-day practice. With my eyes open, I meditate on a Sri Yantra (a type of mandala with geometric patterns) while doing the Lakshmi chant 108 times using mala beads. I printed out a Sri Yantra and taped it up on my computer screen. Here is the Lakshmi chant:

Om Gum (pronounced 'goom') Shreem Maha Lakshmi Yei (pronounced 'yay') Namaha.

For more information, click on the link: Mandalas and Sri Yantras - The Chopra Center Enjoy!






blog 10/15/15

By the time you are reading this, Dan, Candace, and I will be in Salt Lake City at the Parliament of World Religions (PWR). Aha! PWR could also stand for Power, God's Power at work!

It is exciting to be gathering with 10,000+ spiritually diverse and powerful people from 80 countries and some 50 different spiritual traditions who are dedicated to dialogue, mutual understanding, and collaboration in order to address world issues with care and wisdom. I am thrilled to see that New Thought is taking an active part in offering workshops, inspirational talks, and panels as part of the PWR.

What I love about the New Thought spiritual tradition that we follow here is our appreciation of diversity and our interest in finding our commonality as expressions of the One Source. My years of studying and practicing New Thought in the lineage of Ernest Holmes has helped me appreciate what is happening on a grand scale on the planet. We are in a time of the birth of the next version of humanity, the Universal Human, made up of people who are living from Oneness Consciousness. When I attended the last PWR in Melbourne, Australia, in 2009, I was blown away by the numbers of Universal Humans in attendance who care deeply for humanity and the planet. Can you imagine what is in store this time around??

Please be sure to read the history of the PWR in the attached document. If you would like to join in the experience from the comfort of your home, they will be live-streaming parts of the PWR. The plenary sessions where all 10,000 are gathered are going to be powerful!







blog 10/8/15

Meditation is paying attention to the Inner Divine Self. When my mind wanders, my intention is to return to the present moment by focusing on the breath, on a candle, or on a mantra. In the process, I relax the body which promotes healing and renewal. I also establish stronger identification with the Divine Self rather than the runaway mind. I am using the mind as a servant of the Divine Self.

I further strengthen my sense of identity with the Divine Self by "segment intending" (as coined by Abraham-Hicks) throughout the day. I set an intention of what I want to experience for a segment of my day, one segment at a time. For instance, this evening I set the intention to use the time driving in my car to practice my current affirmation and to arrive home safely. It can be as simple as that.

I invite you to practice this for just a day and notice how you feel and what happens.

buddha meditating

So Grateful for the Gift of Creation,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 10/1/15

Our beloved CJL community is five years old this Sunday October 4. I listened within and heard five ways in which we have unfolded that make us who we are today.

1. I feel your COMPASSION - being God' s Love - with me and each other.

2. All are blessed by your GENEROSITY and SERVICE that makes it possible for us to fulfill our mission to transform lives through the powerful teachings of New Thought and Science of Mind.

3. I appreciate the WISDOM you share.

4. I am uplifted by your FAITH and COURAGE.

5. I am touched by your GRATITUDE and APPRECIATION .

As we each show up in these ways, we are being the Beloved Community that we are called to be.

5 Years

Founded in Spirit and Celebrated in Joy

This Sunday October 4 beginning 10 am

  • During service: the sacred Installation Ceremony of Rev. Anna Marie as Staff Minister.

  • After service: delicious potluck lunch, pie contest, music, a beautiful mural that you will have a "hand" in co-creating, the unveiling of an addition to our sanctuary, and optional walk in nature!

In Love and Service,

Rev. Kathleen

P.S. Candace, Dan, and I are honored to be attending the World Parliament of Religions as part of the New Thought delegation this month from Oct 15 -19. Ten thousand people from 80 countries and 50 world spiritual traditions will arrive to collaborate on planetary issues. Read about the inspiring history of the Parliament here .



blog 9/24/15

What is freedom or spiritual liberation? It is liberation from the illusion that I am just a physical body and mind. Eckhart Tolle wrote, "Don't seek to be free of desire or to achieve enlightenment. Become present." As I become present to the the breath, the five senses, the miracle of Life all around me - without judging it - I awaken to my true identity, the multidimensional "I Am." I see that the content of the mind and the body are transitory while the "I Am" is ever present. What I pick up with my senses is creation ever changing.

I practice accepting "what is." It is a wonderful feedback system to stimulate the creativity of the "I Am" within. When I see my mind judging a situation as "bad," my practice is to remember that the mind is making up a story. If I believe and act upon story while full of judgement, I am involved in problem making and personal pain. My intention is to meet the story with Spiritual Truth. As a great back up, I have spiritual friends who tell me point-blank - in an act of Agape Love - that I am making up a story. I love that!! It is one of the many gifts of spiritual community - people who stand with and for each other's Higher Truth.

I Am,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 9/17/15

"It is possible that the next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a community - a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the earth." Thich Nhat Hanh

I underlined "practicing" to emphasize that in community, we practice our divine nature (Buddha or Christ nature) with one another in a supportive atmosphere. Together we learn, grow, and accomplish great good in the world.

I invite you to practice with us, to thrive in Spirit with us, to awaken to and live your divine calling with us.

Great Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 9/10/15

Last Sunday I introduced The Vision Alignment Project sponsored by The Intenders of the Highest Good. I invite you to join me and two million others who together are planting a new vision for humanity. This project has been going on for many years now, and the numbers are growing. We know the power of thought and vision, and we know that as more and more of us come on board with a Higher Vision, the collective consciousness is blessed.

Think of the wonderful legacy that we are leaving for future generations! And it is so easy. Sign up here. When you receive subsequent emails from the group, read them and envision what is written as if it is already happening. If you support the vision, click 'agree.' Even for those with full lives, this is a doable step to make a difference for the future.

The project is so far-reaching that it is translated into 58 languages! This is a planetary movement!









blog 9/3/15

We are spiritual beings living in a Spiritual Universe governed by Spiritual Law. Therefore, we have a spiritual purpose. This awareness forms a firm foundation for our lives. From this awareness, our personality becomes a reflection of our essence; our relationships thrive; our life work brings us joy and is beneficial to others, and community life supports our awakening and desire to serve the planet. From this awareness, we are able to notice when any aspect of our lives is out of alignment with our spiritual nature so that we can make adjustments in consciousness and life choices.

Practices that align us with our spiritual nature are "Rich Jewels" (it sounds like "rituals"), coined by Rev. Bernette Jones, a New Thought minister from the One God One Thought Center for Better Living in Maryland. Some of my "Rich Jewels" are meditation, prayer with myself and with others, yoga, walking and biking in nature, Sunday family dinner, spiritual community, and inspirational books. What are your "Rich Jewels" - practices which remind you of Who You Are in Truth?

Growing in Awareness,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 8/27/15

Deepak Chopra wrote a whole chapter on the Law of Least Effort in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. This Law of Least Effort works naturally when we practice acceptance. Nature's (Spirit's) Intelligence creates with effortlessness and ease. We, as individualized Spirit, are also designed to manifest our dreams effortlessly and easily. The Vedas of India teach this principle as "Do less and accomplish more." Least effort takes place when we are motivated by Love, the energy of God, the energy of creation.

When we resist "what is" by complaining, wanting ourselves or others to be different in order to be happy, defending our point of view, asking "Why me?", blaming or shaming, or saying "should, have to, must, need to, always, and never," we are struggling with the entire Universe. Spiritual Wisdom of the ages teaches that accepting things as they come is the path of love, the energy in which new ideas and our desires are easily and effortlessly manifested. This is a state of mind, of trust, that everything is working together for good no matter how it appears. We also expand our ability to see all the good that was there all the while. To illustrate: "The Dot Story" as used for the mixer at the Johnsons' Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.

How about it? Let's practice acceptance and allow our desires to be birthed through us with effortless ease.

ease and grace

In Light and Love,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 8/20/15

This is the third of a series on the Aramaic translations of biblical terms into English thanks to Dr. George Lamsa, who grew up in a culture similar to a culture of biblical times with Aramaic as his native language. When he came to the U.S., he was inspired to make it his life's work to translate the original Aramaic texts of the Bible into English. I took a course from the Aramaic Bible Institute run by Lamsa's student, Dr. Rocco Errico, who does a column on the metaphysical interpretation of the Bible in the Science of Mind magazine.

In biblical times, Semitic people did not have terms to describe illnesses. Rooha in the context of Jesus' healing ministry was translated as 'spirit,' yet it represented all kinds of illnesses - mental, physical, and emotional that were a result of unhealthy habits of being. Mary Magdala came to Jesus with what was translated as 'seven unclean spirits' (rooha) in the King James version of the Bible. Dr. Errico writes that Lamsa taught him that these were not entities but seven (which denotes 'completion' in Semitic culture) unhealthy patterns or habits of thought/behavior. Jesus' teachings healed Mary's mind which led to the healing of her unhealthy habits of living. Jesus helped her see her Truth as a perfect child of God and asked her to begin living from who she is in Truth.


Rev. Kathleen




blog 8/13/15

This week is a continuation of my series based on the Lamsa Bible and Rocco Errico's books Let There Be Light as well as And There Was Light. (See last week's greeting for the background.)

The Aramaic text reads, "Again I say to you, it is easier for a rope to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God." The Aramaic word gamla means 'rope' as well as 'camel.' Dr. Lamsa (whose native language is Aramaic) says that from the eye of the needle context, 'rope' or 'thick thread' is a better translation. Also, the idea that there was a small opening in walled cities called the "eye of the needle" is wholly untrue according to Dr. Abraham Rihbany, a Near Easterner. He wrote in his book, The Syrian Christ, that he never knew of a gate being referred to as the eye of the needle. Dr. Lamsa said that Jesus did not make it difficult for wealthy people to enter the 'Kingdom Consciousness' (what we would call Oneness Consciousness.) "He simply taught that shared wealth brings joy."

Living in Joy,

Rev. Kathleen







blog 8/6/15

Dr. George Lamsa, who was raised in the Near East as the son of the head shepherd in a tribe, lived in a Semitic culture that spoke Aramaic, the language of Jesus. He later came to the U.S. and made his life's work the translation of the Aramaic Peshitta text of the Bible, which is still being used by Aramaic-speaking Christian cultures around the globe. Thus his translation is directly from the original scriptures. There are 10,000 to 12,000 differences in his translation of the Bible from the King James Version. This week and next I will be sharing some of the differences. If you want to learn more, I invite you to get the books Let There Be Light as well as And There Was Light by Rocco Errico. Dr. Errico is Lamsa's student who teaches metaphysical Bible classes in a New Thought center in Atlanta. You may also be interested in getting the Lamsa Bible.

The Aramaic term gmeera that has been translated as 'perfect' also means mature and all-inclusive. Therefore, "Perfect love casts out all fear" would be translated as "All-inclusive love casts out all fear" in the Lamsa Bible. All-inclusive love is love that recognizes no boundaries or barriers and includes everyone regardless of his or her race, creed, color, etc. As we open our hearts to all people everywhere, we are moving beyond fear of differences into the realm of all-inclusive love that transforms our lives.

Expanding in Love,

Rev. Kathleen







blog 7/30/15

Are you willing to look below the surface of your mind? Your spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being depends upon it. You see, we are like icebergs with maybe 10% above ground, which is the conscious mind, and 90% below, which is the subconscious mind. Spiritual liberation hinges on our willingness to meet what is below the surface that does not serve us with Higher Truth. All of those emotional reactions that are so uncomfortable do not have to be a permanent part of our lives. When we open ourselves to receive more good in our lives through visioning, spiritual study, affirmative prayer, meditation, and the teachings we hear on Sundays, all within us that does not serve us rises to the surface mind to be released. Yes, those emotional reactions! That is actually very good since we can meet the unhealthy thoughts behind the emotions with Truth.

Remember that we have very capable licensed ministers and licensed practitioners at CJL who are trained in the art and science of transforming beliefs. Our classes are also designed to support you in the process of spiritual liberation through the transformation of your mind (beliefs). Healthy mind means healthy emotions and healthy life. Check out the classes that are coming this fall!

Walking the Path of Spiritual Liberation with You!

Rev. Kathleen






blog 7/23/15

What I really want is awareness of Spirit within me as my unlimited Source and awareness of how that feels in my heart - peace, love, joy, power. My daily meditation practice right now is a continual reminder of this. (I am doing the 40 day plan found in The Abundance Book of John Randolph Price). The ongoing awareness of God within as my Source is a place of peace, love, joy, and creative power. From this place within me, I witness with awe the unfolding of creation from the world of thought into form and experience. Thoughts become emotions, actions, and experiences in my life. I notice my emotional state as a guide as to where I am focused in the moment. If I feel anxious or have any kind of discomfort, I notice where my mind is and then guide my mind back to awareness of my God Self as Source. I listen within. Ah! I choose a "better feeling" thought. What is your choice?

Mindful of The One Life,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 7/16/15

What is your favorite pastime in the summer? I have a deep appreciation for sitting out on our screened-in porch and taking in the beauty of our backyard. I love walks in nature and bike rides along the many trails in our area. Be sure to take time to nourish your soul, my friend. Nature is a powerful healer.


With Love,







blog 7/9/15

What is your biggest challenge right now? In what way do you feel stuck or unable to move forward? What if I told you that your biggest challenge or obstacle (too young, too old, too poor, too tall, too short, too whatever) has inherent good in it? Remember Emma Curtis Hopkins' quote: "This too is good. This too is God. This too is FOR me, and I demand to see a blessing in it!" That is because there really is good in all obstacles, and they are inherently for us - part of our path of conscious evolution. So it is time to see anew and stop calling our life circumstances "impossible" or "too hard." Being willing to change our perception from "it is happening to me" to "it is happening FOR me" starts the ball rolling within to give birth to new ideas, solutions, and ingenuity.

This past Sunday I began a series called, "The Obstacle is the Way." I highly recommend the book of the same name that is reasonably priced in kindle form. The Spiritual Truth behind it all is that you and I are the Creative Genius of God individualized. We have access to the Universal Mind. When we awaken to knowing that the Source is within us as our own God-Self, we are given all we need to turn a tragedy into an advantage, an obstacle into an opportunity, misfortune into good fortune. Be sure to be with us each week and bring your biggest challenge to the table to turn it all around. Remember that God (found within you) is more than this... each and every time!


Moving Forward in Grace with You!

Rev. Kathleen






blog 7/2/15

I was recently interviewed along with 13 other local clergy and peace leaders for the purpose of building a culture of peace in the city of Wilmington. The interviewer, Boyd Sorenson, is interested in developing a clear plan of action that will be proactive in realizing peace in the city of Wilmington.

After the interview, Boyd noted that I offered ideas that he had not heard from other clergy and peace leaders. These ideas are nothing new to any of us who are a part of CJL. They have to do with the underlying philosophy of our teaching. We believe in "as within, so without" transformation of consciousness that leads to real change in our world. We must "be the change we wish to see." Here are some of my proposals that Boyd said were unique:

1. Teaching and practicing FORGIVENESS. At CJL, we teach Radical Forgiveness that helps us to do the deep inner work to shift our consciousness - our belief structure - and return to love and peace. We know that just saying, "I forgive you," without using our reaction to change our beliefs is pseudo-forgiveness that does not really heal.

2. Teaching and practicing VISIONING. At CJL, we promote our Visioning Class which teaches us to open to a vision for our lives that inspires us to transform, a vision that pulls us into being more peaceful, loving, creative, and joyful contributors to life.

3. Programs in the schools that teach students conflict resolution skills and train peer mediators.

4. Supporting organizations that are making a difference in Wilmington like Friendship House (which CJL does).

We at CJL are committed to creating a culture of peace - through the Sunday messages and music, through the work of spiritual life coaching with our practitioners and ministers, through our classes. Foundations, Self-Mastery, Spiritual Practices, Radical Forgiveness, Visioning, and Professional Practitioner Training are some of the classes we offer.

AND... we are sponsoring the Visions of Peace and Unity Concert with the music of David Young on July 17, 7:30 - 10 pm. David sings and plays his guitar in a high energy, foot-stomping concert designed to activate the consciousness of peace and unity of all peoples. His songs are based on his new album (see free download below). After a short break following the concert, David will lead a meditation with his double flutes, taking us on an inner journey into the realm of all possibility to experience a personal vision.

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen







blog 6/25/15

Upon returning from a short getaway with Dan, my two daughters, and their families, I opened an email containing a video produced by the leaders of the Association for Global New Thought, all well-known New Thought ministers. They offered prayers and messages of healing in the aftermath of the Charleston church shootings. Since I had taken a hiatus from the news since June 16, I slowly read a summary of the events surrounding the shooting.

I feel deep sadness for those who were harmed and affected by this shocking act of violence in - of all places - a Bible study class where all were learning about God's Love.

I believe that this is a call to action. What can we do to more skillfully build a culture of mutual love and respect among all people?

I believe that we can make a big difference by teaching peace in the schools. When I was a school counselor, I invited the Green Circle and Strive programs into the culturally diverse McCullough Elementary School. Our beloved Marcie Knox was one of the Green Circle and Strive teachers whose purpose was to build a culture of love and peace in which differences were celebrated. Carolyn Murdic was one of the third grade teachers at McCullough who worked tirelessly with students during and after school teaching love and acceptance. I also organized conflict resolution and mediation skills programs at our school. These vital programs, designed to build a culture of peace, were discontinued as the schools began to place a stronger emphasis on raising test scores. It is time to place a priority on programs such as these in schools and other institutions that build a culture of peace.

What more can we do to help our young people and adults appreciate each others' differences and refuse to be swayed by hate groups? Let's turn within and know a Higher Truth. There is only One Source, One Life, God the Presence of Peace and Love. This Omnipresent Life is my life and the life of the survivors, families, and friends - all involved in the Charleston shooting and all affected by it Yes, even in the midst of this, the healing Presence of God working in our hearts, stimulating us to expand in forgiveness, compassion and to move into inspired action to create a culture of peace and a culture of love in this country and on this planet. I claim that great good comes from this. The root causes of all hatred and fear are uprooted by the power of this word and replaced by a true knowing of our interconnectedness as emanations of the Most High. Peace and Love now grow in the fertile soil of purified and cleansed hearts and minds and inspiration from on High moves us into best actions. Yes, in this moment, a real tangible culture of peace is being birthed through and as us. There is no doubt to stand in the way. Instead, there is complete confidence. I lift all those affected by the Charleston shootings knowing they are surrounded and comforted by God's Love. I give thanks for the expansion of inner peace, love, and compassion and for the realization of a culture of peace locally and globally. I release this word into the Law of Spirit. I let go and let God. I let it be so!

In support of a culture of peace, CJL is sponsoring special Peace Concert on July 17 at 7:30pm - 10 pm at CJL. Please mark your calendars and stay tuned for the details!


Growing in Divine Love

Rev. Kathleen




blog 6/18/15

I am personally inviting you to join the CJL community in the "40 Day Prosperity Plan" challenge found in John Randolph Price's little book that I highly recommend called The Abundance Book. You can purchase the book at CJL or online, or you can even get started now without the book using the free companion download linked here: free 40 Day Prosperity Plan companion journal to aid you in following the plan and tracking your progress. You can also click here for the declaration to write in page one of your journal when you begin the program.

I would love to hear from you about the changes you notice when you implement this plan. My intention is to support the expansion of your financial flow so you have the freedom to share your gifts with the world and to be, to do, and to have what makes your heart sing.


Living in the Flow of God's Abundance With You,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 6/11/15

The Universe is a display of Abundance. Just look around you at the number of trees, animals, people, fish, birds, cars, trucks, grains of sand, etc. Notice the vast stretches of land and water. How about the the infinite size of the universe with its planets, stars, and galaxies? Now scientists talk of multiverses of which our universe is just one of the many.

We are made in the likeness and image of God, the Source of all that exists, manifest and unmanifest. You and I are the Abundance of the Universe in person. We are designed to prosper. Simply contemplating the vastness and abundance of the One Life, God, helps us to embody abundance consciousness. Think about it. Lasered right here where I am and you are is all that God is as Unmanifested Substance. So our desires, visions and dreams are the ideas in the Mind of God that come into our awareness and that are acted upon by the Universal Law of Mind.

So why do we have dreams that have not manifested? It is done unto us as we believe. Our role is to move our consciousness in the direction of our dreams one thought at a time into fully believing we are that person living that dream. Last Sunday, we held a sacred ritual of formulating a mental equivalent of our dream and symbolically planting it in the fertile soil of Universal Mind. I want to remind all of you who participated to continue to review and meditate on your mental equivalent daily until it is manifest. Doing this will turn an idea into a belief, and "It is done unto you as you believe." "Go forth and prosper."

Boundless Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 6/4/15

Having an abundant flow of prosperity in our lives gives us the freedom to share our gifts (which are plentiful because we are of the Infinite Source Itself) with the world and to be, do, and have what makes our hearts sing. If we are struggling just to make ends meet, it is challenging to have the time, energy, and focus to live at that level. This month, I invite you to set an intention to be "open to more good than your have received, experienced, expressed, or imagined before." Then come and join us for a month of Prosperity Principles.

Abundant Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 5/28/15

Significant progress in consciousness happens regularly in the Center for Joyful Living classrooms. Here students immerse themselves in deep spiritual study, spiritual fellowship, and spiritual practices in the company of like-minded students, supported by teachers who have years of education in the teachings of New Thought - Ancient Wisdom and Science of Mind as well as long-term devotion to the path of the mystic. Whether your intent is to heal, to realize your dreams, to deepen in your connection with the Divine, to be a beneficial presence on the planet, or to become more enlightened (or all of the above), CJL has classes designed to support you each step of the way.

We are a "CAMPUS OF CONSCIOUSNESS." This means that CJL is a spiritual center that supports you in discovering and expressing the Indwelling Authentic Self that is unlimited being, Oneness consciousness, and full of Grace, healing power, gifts, talents, and abilities. It is a state of fulfillment and joy that is attainable by all who would partake of this path.

This Sunday we honor the students who have graduated from the spring classes at CJL, including a special tribute to the 6 students who have graduated from the Year One Professional Practitioner course of study. And for those who have come for 4 of the 5 Sunday services this month - a special Masters in Spirituality certificate.

Walking the Path of Oneness with You!

Rev. Kathleen




blog 5/21/15

I recently heard a quote: "'Yes' gets you out of Egypt. 'No' takes you to the Promised Land." The quote refers to focusing our energies on what we are good at and saying 'no' to what is not our forte. I meditated on this quote a moment, and I saw another way to look at it that applies to Spiritual Mastery. As you know, our thoughts govern our reality. We can change our behaviors and still be holding on to thoughts that do not serve us. Therefore it is profoundly important to say 'yes' to Spiritual Mastery of our thought world. And to say 'no' to ways of thinking that do not align with who we are in Truth.

Here is an example. If I am focused on a problem and keep dwelling on it, it will continue to manifest. If I practice letting go and letting God within provide a vision of the solution, then my eye is on the end result that is uplifting. I am also then guided in ideas and actions that support me in being a vibrational match for the vision. I must say 'yes' to the vision and 'no' to the tendency to focus on what I perceive is wrong or lacking.

Keeping My Eye on the Vision of Heaven on Earth for us All!






blog 5/14/15

Living at the level of Mastery is available to you just as much as it is to the great Spiritual Masters. It is a way of approaching the challenges of life, the relationship with the Divine within, and Earth stewardship that is the mark of a Master. This month is a wonderful time to review the 4 levels of consciousness to help us assess where we are and catch a vision of what we want to cultivate:

  1. The Mortal - "Why me?" - Victim mentality. In this level we are reactive and into blame and shame. This is where much of humanity lives. It is transcended through forgiveness.

  2. The Manifester - By me - My life happens by me using the power of my mind and my personal efforts (leaves God within out of the picture). We visualize and use affirmations. The focus is on using the creative power to manifest relationships, finances, jobs, health, etc. This is important for our well-being, to stabilize our lives so that we can give our gifts in service to humanity. The danger though of this stage is the possibility of staying stuck and becoming materialistic. This danger is transcended by letting go of control. Let go; let God.

  3. The Mystic - "God through me" - In this level, we see ourselves as a channel or instrument of the Divine. Visioning is a spiritual tool used in this stage - allowing the Ideas from the Divine within to guide us. A deeper ongoing relationship with the Divine within is cultivated as well as a reliance on Divine guidance in decision making.

  4. The Master - "God as Me" - Oneness consciousness. In this level, I meet life challenges from the perspective that everything is FOR me and for all of life, another opportunity to express Love. I live in and as Grace and Love and I am a beneficial presence, in service to all life.

Even at the Master's stage it is natural to occasionally experience all the other stages because we are spiritual beings having a human experience. At times, we may still react to a situation or person or even a word. The difference is seeing the trigger situation as an opportunity to look at what thought may be running the show. We look at the consequences of believing thoughts that cause us to be reactive. This then helps us meet the thought with a higher thought that brings peace of mind and sets us free.

Journeying With You Into Mastery,

Rev. Kathleen






blog 4/22/15

We have a special guest at CJL May 1-3 - Rev. Mark Anthony Lord. Rev. Mark was trained at Agape in California and then founded the Bodhi Center for Spiritual Living in Chicago which grew rapidly with the implementation of the Meta Model care structure. He will lead a training on the Meta Model here at CJL on May 1st and 2nd. Sixty-seven participants total from Center for Joyful Living and 12 other New Thought centers will attend this training! We are thrilled by the response and know it bodes well for the flourishing of New Thought in our region.

I personally invite you to experience Rev. Mark this Sunday, May 3, as he gives the message at service and leads a workshop afterwards. He is bold, bright, fun, inspiring, and dynamic. His topic for the Sunday message is Thou Shall Not Suffer - The New Commandment, based on his book. You are welcome to delve deeper into this topic at his Thou Shall Not Suffer experiential workshop after service for a suggested $30 love offering (though you are welcome no matter what your financial circumstances). Bring a lunch or purchase a salad from us for $5. See the workshop ad below for more details.








blog 4/22/15

Join me in honoring Earth Day, Wednesday April 22, with the following 'Earth Affirmations' compiled by the Sacred Planet Ministry of the Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in California.

Our individual actions and choices demonstrate our conscious care and appreciation of the gift of Life. In the collective, we have the power to dramatically impact outcomes and effects for ourselves and for future generations. You might ask yourself at the close of the day, "What did I do for the Earth this day? Was I a grateful and intelligent expression of my gift of Life?"

1. I am less a "consumer" and more a "conscious citizen" on this planet. I consider the long-term impact and true cost of all my purchases.

2. I choose life-giving foods - ones that are seasonal, locally grown, and sustainably raised. I use the foods I buy and compost any waste.

3. I take time to inspire "earth love" in young people.

4. I choose grass-fed animals, if I consume animal products, and minimize environmental impacts.

5. I surprise myself and my family and friends by cooking delicious vegetarian dishes.

6. I give "meatless Mondays" a try, cutting food costs while reducing my carbon footprint (and perhaps my waistline).

7. I avoid plastic (bottles, bags, packaging) items wherever possible. If plastic is forever, I understand the huge threat it represents for all life.

8. I celebrate the gift of food, accepting it as a blessing to my body, and I consciously give thanks for it and to all who touched it.

9. I work to limit my use of paper products (towels, napkins, junk mail, office supplies) using cloth and recycled options wherever possible.

10. I honor the blessing of easy access to clean water, and I deepen my understanding of water reuse and protection.

11. I lovingly allow myself the grace to shift to behaviors that honor my deepest values.

12. I accept that my life is my greatest expression of Love. I am in integrity with my connection to all life.

13. I spend time in nature, with animals, or in other experiences that reconnect or deepen my sense of beauty and balance in the natural world.

14. I reflect deeply on the legacy of my life and lifestyle to future generations and become willing to expand and shift my expression where appropriate.

15. I use my consumer/citizen buying power in ways that impact the values I claim.

16. I avoid the use of toxic products (dry cleaning, pesticides, herbicides, paints, cleaning agents, cosmetics, and toiletries) and dispose of all these products in responsible ways.

17. If I am "moss" green, I am willing to learn. If I am "forest" green, I become a supporter of others and join in shifting global paradigms in ways that help me grow.

18. I ground myself in the loving Presence as it expresses as me and as all others and all life, and I celebrate today.

Letting Love for All Life Be our Motivation,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 4/16/15

How can I deepen into living from Grace Consciousness? I turn within and make the connection with the indwelling God, knowing the innermost God and the outermost God is One God. There is Only One! I give up "What will other people think?" as my guidance. I no longer expect others to give me what only God can provide. I have implicit faith and trust in the All-Sufficient and All-Providing nature of God. I trust in and follow the perfect guidance of God within and attune my humanity to my perfect divinity. I also practice deep self-compassion for the times that I thought my good was outside of me. I return to the Source within and listen. I give thanks for every time I say Yes to God.

Walking the Path of Grace,





blog 4/9/15

Grace can seem elusive until we take the deep dive within during meditation. Here, in the Silence, we come to understand and benefit from the nature of Grace and open the way for the realization of Oneness in God. In a state of Grace, we lose the desire to look outside ourselves for our good. Instead, we become beholders of the activity of Divine Love, expressing and becoming all the good necessary for our lives. This state of being has been called Oneness Consciousness, Christ Consciousness, Enlightenment, and Self-Realization. How willing are you to drink of the Sea of Grace?

Living in Ease and Grace,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 4/2/15

Would you like to have a feeling of living in Grace, a feeling of living in the flow of the All Good? This entire month is dedicated to a fuller understanding and experience of living in Grace. One key that I will share with you now is that it requires letting go of control. I was laughing today at the way the mind works. Just a few months ago, I had the thought, "Will enough people sign up for the Meta Model conference?" On the other extreme, the thought I most recently noticed was, "Are we going to have enough room for all the people who are signing up for the Meta Model conference?" The Truth is I don't have control anyway. It feels much better to let go and trust God and ride the wave of the All Good.


Saying Yes to Peace,






blog 3/26/15

What we consistently place our minds on will become the form and experience in our life. Now here is something to contemplate - the difference between materialization and manifestation. When we dwell on the next thing or person that we wish to materialize, thinking it will make us happy, we eventually realize that we don't feel any closer to God. That is materialization. When we dwell on our Oneness with God and experience conscious union with the Divine, all needs are met. That is manifestation.

So, my friend, which do you choose?


Soaring in the Realm of Infinite Possibilities,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 3/19/15

While meditating, I witnessed myself soaring into a higher state of well-being despite discomfort in my body. I was reminded that each and every experience is FOR me. There is a perfection to it even though I may not be able to see it in the moment. Our life experiences, properly perceived, act as catalysts for the process of awakening. I was guided by the Still Small Voice within to give myself the gift of more time than usual in the silence. I felt something within me wanting to rise up into my awareness, a gentle nudging. And so I sit and listen.

In Light and Love,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 3/12/15

How is your practice using your Spiritual Faculties (intuition, imagination, will, reason, perception, future memory)? Mastering these is essential to becoming one who soars in the realm of Infinite Possibilities, i.e. becoming a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of who you are in Truth. At last Sunday's service, I invited you to put your Spiritual Faculties into service of your more expanded Self the next time something happens that would normally upset you.

1. When the incident happens, put your upset, worry, or panic on hold for 3 days.

2. Use Higher Reason - do Spiritual Mind Treatment/ Affirmative Prayer with a CJL minister or practitioner or do a spiritual mind treatment yourself.

3. Use Higher Perception. Choose to see this as an opportunity to grow.

4. Use imagination and future memory to image and mentally rehearse a desirable outcome.

5. Use the will to keep your mind in service to your vision.

6. Use intuition to guide you step by step toward your vision.

I bet by the time the 3 days are up, you will have no desire to exercise your upset!

Soaring in the Realm of Infinite Possibility,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 3/5/15

In order to make progress spiritually, surrender is an essential practice. Spiritual surrender is letting go and letting God handle what is outside our direct influence. Some things are God's to do, some are ours to do, and some are for others to do. Here is an exercise to experience control vs. surrender. Clench your fist tightly. What if someone wanted to give you a tangible gift? Would you surrender your grip to receive the gift or keep clenching?

How often do you tighten up with worry about things you cannot control? God cannot provide you with the riches of the Universe (Love, Peace, Abundance, Joy, Creativity) when you try to control what is not yours or excessively worry. We open to the flow of God's Great Good the moment we relax the mind and the body and let go and let God handle what is beyond ours to do.

On a piece of paper, draw a line vertically down the middle. Write on the left side the actions that you are guided to accomplish, and on the right side list what you would like to surrender to God. Now let go of the items on the right and trust deeply.

Peace and Boundless Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 2/26/15

I love the theme this month, 'Soaring in the Realm of Infinite Possibility.' I invite you to come each Sunday to explore and experience the depths of your connection to Source. In the One we can create the new and the unique and experience the heights of joy and freedom. Each and every one of us can soar as we access the realm of Infinite Possibility.

No matter where you are on your spiritual path, there is something for you in this practical and profound spiritual teaching of New Thought-Ancient Wisdom in the lineage of Ernest Holmes.


Soaring in Spirit,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 2/19/15

In a Universe that is constantly in a state of becoming, that is - expanding, evolving, moving, and changing - we, as the Universe individualized, are ever becoming. We are "spirit becomings" in the process of eternally becoming. Meditation is a practice in which we rest in the silence and pay attention to Ultimate Reality so that we can more often live in this state of awareness called Oneness. From Oneness awareness, giving feels like receiving and receiving feels like giving. The more you become a truer expression of your Divinity, the more that giving and receiving become one and the same - the flow of Divine Love as your life.

lotus in water

In Love and Light,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 2/12/15

The Association for Global New Thought is currently holding the Annual Season for Peace and Non-Violence that spans the period from January 30 - April 4 each year. I believe that Spirit is calling us, the members of the Center for Joyful Living, to be that Peace we wish to see by being instruments of peace on behalf of the city of Wilmington.

On Friday, February 6, Candace Berkowitz RScP and Carolyn Murdic RScP represented the Center for Joyful Living at the first gathering of city of Wilmington churches (called Churches Take a Corner) whose purpose is for each church or spiritual center to adopt a part of the downtown area in prayer and to declare Wilmington FOR God. This is a 12-month commitment to pray for God's Love and Peace to prevail in Wilmington and to be a visible presence in the adopted area once a month.

We at CJL have adopted 2 areas: 17th and Harrison near Lucinda Elom's home and 7th and Clayton near the Birth Center and St. Francis Hospital. We are still formulating how we are going to show up as a presence on Churches Take a Cornernights which are the first Friday of each month. This I know is God's Love at work through us as the solution to a safe and peaceful city environment. Our practitioners, practitioners-in-training, and ministers have been invited to commit to the POWER OF PRAYER for Wilmington for the next 12 months. Please add the city of Wilmington to your prayers.

Love, Peace, and Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen





blog 2/5/15

"What would I love?" This is the question that I invite you to take into prayer and meditation this month. The desires of our hearts - what we would love to experience and express in our lives - originate in God. As we live the lives that we love, we participate with God in the creation of heaven on earth.

Here is one of the answers that I received to the question "What would I love?" I would love to give all of humanity a valentine in the form of prayers of LOVE for the purpose of creating heaven on earth. Does that sound "IDEA"listic? Well, it is. It is an IDEA in the Mind of God that I am following through with. Since Divine Love is at the core and center of every human being, simply realizing the Truth of Love's presence transforms what is unlike Love and calls Love forth into expression. When Love becomes the prevailing vibration of any person, he or she becomes a beneficial presence looking out for the well-being of all life. Would you join me in giving a valentine to humanity today and throughout this month?

Suggested prayer to do daily during February: God is Perfect Love that casts out all fear. I am the Love of God in action. I know that each person on planet earth is God's Love individualized. I know that God's Love is a mighty Power that is moving through me and touching all of humanity, transforming thought patterns of separation that show up as fear and doubt. What remains is Love's presence. I give thanks for the healing Power of God's Love and for the flourishing of Love on this planet. I release this into the Universal Law. So be it. And so it is.



blog 1/29/15

Are you wondering what to do when your fight or flight response is triggered by life circumstances? Are you thinking something like this: "I know this is an over-reaction, a conditioned response. I know a belief is being triggered for me to heal. Now how do I go about transforming the belief which is at the root of all of this when I am so full of anxiety and fear?" Here is what I do. I breathe deeply and tell myself that God is more than this. I use affirmative prayer knowing that right now God within is uprooting the belief and revealing the Truth of Oneness and Love. I also call someone for prayer support. And I consciously ask, "What must I learn from this?"

The answer seems for me to be some form of learning to love more and have more compassion. Even though I feel this way, I can more deeply love myself and others. "Love casts out all fear." Love transforms the fear that comes from the underlying belief in separation from the Power, Intelligence, and Love of God. "God and I are one." "All that God has is mine." "All is well."

Love, Peace, and Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 1/22/15

Someone recently posed the question, "Are meditation and spiritual mind treatment (affirmative prayer) in conflict with one another since one is letting go of thought and the other is the use of thought/spoken word to consciously create?" My experience is that they are the perfect complement to one another in supporting the unfoldment of our divine nature. Think about Jesus the Christ, the Great Example who served as a remarkable beneficial presence on the planet and inspired generation upon generation with his Truth teachings. He went into the desert to go into silent communion with God before and after he did his healing and teaching of the masses. His time in meditation expanded him into knowing "The Father and I are one." From awareness of Oneness in God, he accessed the very Power of God to heal, perform miracles, and teach Truth Principles to others. He said, "Even greater things than I do, you shall do. And ye are gods, children of the Most High."

He was, in essence, inviting us all to practice meditation as he did - deep inner reverent listening in the silence, communing with the Spirit within. From here we experience that "God and I are one." We reaffirm this Truth in spiritual mind treatment by beginning with God, using statements like the ones Jesus used. "There is One Life, One Power, One Presence, One God. God is Love." Then we express our unity with God. "God and I are one. All that God has is mine. God is the only power moving in me, through me, and as me, and as my word." We then go on to use the power of the word to heal/reveal the Truth by speaking the Truth about ourselves and others. "This person about whom I speak is already God individualized - healed, whole, and healthy. As a child of God, this person inherits radiant health." As we practice meditation and this powerful form of affirmative prayer, we are following the teachings of Jesus the Christ and other great spiritual masters who have come before us. We are unfolding in our divinity and offering our gifts and talents for the benefit of all life. That to me is exciting!

Unfolding in Grace,

Rev. Kathleen


blog 1/15/15

We are surrounded by the Infinite Mind of God, a Creative Medium. This One also lives in us. We are designed to receive guidance from the All-Knowing Mind and to draw perfect possibilities from the Mind that are perfect answers to our prayers, our visions, our intentions. We then can consciously choose to seed the Law of Mind with these new ideas. The Law's All-Power goes to work immediately and produces manifestations of these ideas. What I love about the spiritual philosophy that we teach is that it provides practical tools like visioning, meditation, and spiritual mind treatment that help us to tune in, deepen our connection with God, and activate our spiritual faculties that are the receptors and the modes of creation. Our conscious mind - our place in the One Mind - is the place of choosing the direction of the creative flow. We can also use the conscious mind to prepare our consciousness to be a fine instrument of creation by dissolving beliefs - with Spiritual Truth - that do not serve us.

It is important also to have faith and trust in the way in which Universal Law works - that it has mathematical accuracy in outpicturing our consciousness - what we choose to focus on. Faith and Trust in the Law help us to relax and let the Law work. Trusting the Law also means abiding by the Law. Since we want to be a beneficial presence on the planet while producing a life that we love, we must abide by the laws of forgiveness, loving action, generosity, etc. - what Ernest Holmes called right thinking and right action. Again this Sunday we run an experiment to experience the nature of the Law of Mind. Running experiments like this are for the purpose of strengthening our understanding and our faith which puts us in alignment with our True Nature as co-creators in God - purveyors of Heaven on Earth.

In Light and Love,

Rev. Kathleen


blog 1/8/15

"I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy." -- Rabindranath Tagore

Service is a noble path to God, and it is indeed an honor to serve! The lives of Jesus, Buddha, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, and many other Way Showers demonstrated lives of practiced loving, going away in prayer, and coming back into the world to give service.

We cannot grow spiritually without giving of ourselves in service. Just as we would not expect one to continue to advance on the spiritual path without prayer, forgiveness, or conscious giving, so too we see that actively sharing our passion and our spiritual gifts in service is essential to on-going spiritual growth.

All people have spiritual gifts. Each of us has a unique combination of talents essential to the unfolding of the Divine Plan. In I Corinthians 12:17-20 we find, "If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them just as He wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? As it is, there are many parts, but one body."

We are each creating the opening for Spirit to move in and through our spiritual community as we remember that our gifts are unique expressions of the Divine, given to us, not just for ourselves, but for the good and for the development of a community of love.

When we serve in our gifted area, we experience an increased sense of well-being and ever increasing joy. Service becomes the place where we have an opportunity to put love first, to practice spiritual principles in a safe, empowering environment. We realize that when we do what we love, with a high level of commitment and in great love for one another, our lives are transformed. We truly become Love in Action - the full expression of our God Self.

The key to the success of the program is the first word: "Love." All ascended masters have taught us to love one another. We are asking that we not only love one another in our prayer life, but also love one another by actively serving. In fact, that is how we believe Heaven is created here on earth.

In taking the awareness of the True Self and sharing it with all of human-kind, we are able to truly "be the light of the world," not just to do “good," but to be the presence of Good.

When we practice loving, we always receive much more than we ever give.

Thank you to all who are serving our beloved spiritual community!

In Deep Appreciation,

Rev. Kathleen


blog 1/1/15

The theme for 2015 is Alive, Awake, Aware, and Thriving. As we intentionally wake up in each moment to the Beauty, Grace, and Goodness of God's Presence within us and expressing all around us, we are seeing with fresh eyes and experiencing greater aliveness and awareness. We are thriving in Spirit.

This Sunday, we wipe the slate clean of the tendency to project the past onto the present and experience the same story over and over. I have come across a beautiful ceremony called the White Stone Ceremony that I am adapting for us for the purpose of cleaning the slate. After cleaning the slate, we will use beautiful white Jerusalem stones from Hebron, Israel, to record the fresh realization of our true "I AM" being called forth for 2015. You will have a beautiful sacred stone to take home for your meditation practice that symbolizes your new level of thriving.

Living in Grace,

Rev. Kathleen




blog 12/25/14

Next Wednesday, December 31, at 7 am on the morning of New Year's Eve (not New Year's Day), we link up in consciousness with millions of people all over the world to pray and meditate for the expansion of Peace on Earth.

History of this event: At noon Greenwich time, December 31, 1986, at 7am Eastern Time, men, women, and children around the world gathered to participate in the most comprehensive prayer activity in history – a planetary affirmation of peace and love, forgiveness and understanding, involving millions of people in a simultaneous global mind-link. The purpose: to reverse the polarity of the negative force field in the race of mind, achieve a critical mass of spiritual consciousness, and usher in a new era of Peace on Earth.

It was called World Healing Day, the World Instant of Cooperation, World Peace Day – a moment of Oneness to dissolve the sense of separation and return humankind to Godkind. Whatever the term or label, it was the New Beginning in restoring this world to sanity. The majority of individuals and organizations participating were operating under the umbrella of the Planetary Commission, a worldwide non-denominational, non-political movement functioning as an extension of The Quartus Foundation. It was a grass roots cooperative effort to unite people in a common bond of love and to bring our planet back into balance.

The first formal announcement of the Commission was made on January 1, 1984, designating December 31, 1986 as World Healing Day. Noon Greenwich time was selected as the time for the healing meditation as it would encompass all time zones during that 24-hour period. Word quickly spread, and on December 31, 1986, the mind-link totaled more than 500 million people representing all religious faiths on seven continents, in more than seventy countries, and in every state in the U.S. Over 500 spiritual and peace-related organizations around the world participated.

We saw the results in the years that followed. In a report from the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Walter Stuetzle, the Institute’s director and a former West German Undersecretary of Defense, said that there was “remarkable progress toward a potentially more peaceful world… There was a clean break in the pattern of a constant increase in the number of major conflicts with which the world had grown accustomed.” Now the Commission is expanding and gathering strength each year as greater awareness of the Event spreads around the world.

You are asked to participate, not only in by joining the Global Mind-Link each December 31st, but also by actively communicating the concept, date, and hour at every opportunity.


Rev. Kathleen


blog 12/18/14

You may or may not be aware that Newsweek carried an article on violence in the city of there has been much in the news about unrest between police departments and the communities they serve. I see this as a call to action, a call for prayer. Since the Peace, Grace, and Power of God are inherent within us, we can actively use the Power of our Word in prayer to make a difference. Last Sunday, the congregation and I stood as distributors of God's Grace and Creative Power for the revealing of Peace in the people of these situations by speaking the following prayer. I now invite you too to speak this prayer (or your own) with conviction:

I choose Peace. My Peace is the All Powerful Peace of God within me. I use this Word of Peace to still the tempest of discord in people of the city of Wilmington and in police/community relationships across the country. I give thanks for clear, tangible manifestations of Peace in these situations HERE and NOW. I release this Word of Peace and Power into the Law of Mind. And so it is.

And for those dedicated to world peace, the World Healing Meditation service will be at 7 am on Wednesday December 31!

Peace and Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 12/11/14

The key to harmonious relationships throughout the holidays and beyond is summarized in this quote from Matthew 7:1-2: "Pass no judgement, and you will not be judged. For as you judge others, so you will yourselves be judged, and whatever measure you deal out to others will be dealt back to you."

This is the Law of Circulation or the Law of Giving and Receiving applied to human relationships. "To judge is to think, to arrive at a mental verdict or conclusion in your mind. The thought you have about the other person is your thought, because you are thinking it. Your thoughts are creative." (Joseph Murphy) Here is how the law works. Let's say you complain, "Uncle ___ is always criticizing me, and I won't take it this year!" What you say, think, and feel about others is impressed upon the creative medium of the subconscious mind (Universal Law) and produced in your own life. As a result, you are likely to be thought of as critical by others. If you find yourself complaining mentally about a relative or another person, remember to stop that train of thought and replace it with what you would like others to think about you.

Here is a powerful affirmation from Joseph Murphy. "I am the only thinker in my universe. I am responsible for what I think about others. They are not responsible for the way I think about them. I refuse to give power to any people, places, or things to annoy me or disturb me. I wish health, success, peace of mind, and happiness for them. I sincerely wish them well and know they are divinely guided in all their ways."

Enjoy healthy, happy relationships this Holiday Season!


Rev. Kathleen


blog 12/4/14

I have been rereading a beautiful book by Thomas Moore called Care of the Soul. Care for the soul involves nurturing the Inner Artist. The soul loves to create and loves beauty. I support my Inner Artist by reminding her that she is engaging in that art of creating a life on a moment by moment basis. Every word, thought, and action I take is the Artist in motion. My Inner Artist loves sacred study. This morning I awoke at 4:30 am and settled in to meditate. My meditation got me in touch with a desire to open my Science of Mind (SOM) book and read chapters 3, 4, and 5 on Spirit, Soul, and Body which is really all about the creative process of God which plays out in our lives as well. I have been reading and rereading the SOM text since 1990, and each time I find myself reapplying it with greater understanding. Study is a gift I give myself to stay centered in Ultimate Reality, God - big picture awareness. There is Only One Infinite Artist, and I am that Artist individualized, and so are you, my friend. Made in the likeness and image of the Grand Artist, we are born with creative genius. I invite you to create your dream holiday season. See what a little sacred study can do for the soul that gets a kick out of being the Artist of life and living.

Infinite Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen


blog 2/6/14

Connection, belonging, and love are what we are here for. We know this in our hearts, and what the world religions have in common is some form of the Golden Rule - love one another.

This month we explore the topic of love from the perspective of what it really takes for wholehearted living - lives that are rich in connection, belonging, and love. Brene Brown's research is another example of how spiritual teachings and scientific research are walking hand in hand as Ernest Holmes predicted. Brene, from her years of research, found that there are those who feel worthy of love and those who do not. Those who do feel worthy of love she called wholehearted. They are ones who consciously cultivate the COURAGE to be imperfect, the COMPASSION to be kind to themselves and others, and the CONNECTION that comes from authenticity. The key quality that makes this all possible though is the willingness to be VULNERABLE.


blog 1/30/14

February is a perfect time to explore what it means to be Wholehearted (embodying the Truth that "I am Whole, Perfect, and Complete as an emanation of God). You may want to get the book Daring Greatly by Brene Brown so you can deepen into the heart of Divine Love and to live a life of deep connection with Self and with others.


blog 1/23/14

As I witness the quality of activity and enthusiasm within our spiritual community, I realize that I am witnessing the "GREAT JOY OF BECOMING" (our 2014 theme) before my very eyes.

We have installed two additional members to our already high vibrational Board of Trustees (BOT) on January 12. Your BOT will be in retreat Sunday from 12 noon to 4 pm to renew, refresh, and collaborate to form the community visioning results (31 of us!) into a 2014 Intention Statement and Strategic Plan.

Last Sunday, we installed five new radiant licensed professional practitioners in full ceremony.

And this Sunday we will welcome our nine new members.

For further contemplation: If you really knew that you and everyone around you are the Magnificent Life of God engaged in the Great Joy of Becoming, how would this perspective change how you show up?

Great Love, Rev. Kathleen



blog 1/16/14

It is important to realize that inspiration is what pulls us forward on our spiritual path into greater Magnificence. It keeps us moving.

I continue to be inspired by the teachings of New Thought and Science of Mind that remind me that there is always more to what lies within me and within others than meets the eye - more ideas, more possibilities, more ways to enjoy life and living.

We are ever-evolving and ever-expanding. Our professional practitioners and ministers who are also professional practitioners are here to support you in discovering and revealing that potential!

This Sunday during service, we are holding a rite of passage - the licensing ceremony for our five new Religious Science practitioners. Many of you have witnessed them grow and have even had prayer and spiritual guidance sessions with them. Come share the joy of the occasion! Congratulations to Allison Betts RScP, Mary Kegelman RScP, Carolyn Murdic RScP, Kimberly Inman RScP, and Michele Craner RScP!

For more information about practitioners please read the article below.

With Love, Rev. Kathleen



blog 1/9/14

The Great Joy of Becoming (our theme for 2014): a freer, fuller, more expanded expression of our inherent Divine Magnificence is already underway. This impulse to evolve in consciousness

is implanted in our nature. On the Science channel this week, scientists shared their excitement in proving that the Universe is infinite and ever-expanding with no evidence of collapse. So there you have it - scientists and mystics agree. We also realize that this Truth about the Universe is our Truth. We are the Universe in microcosm, full of potential and ever-expanding.

This Sunday, are you willing to accept the invitation to express more of your magnificence for God? I will lead you through the visioning process to catch a higher vision for 2014. Clear instructions for expanding in magnificence follow based on the powerful spiritual teachings of Science of Mind.

VOLUNTEER LUNCHEON at NOON!! The Board of Trustees will be thanking you by serving you a delicious home-cooked meal. Come enjoy the food and fellowship while taking part in CJL community visioning for 2014.

Spreading the Joy of Becoming,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 1/2/14

First I want to begin by sharing deep gratitude and appreciation for the shared richness of experience in 2013 - God at work in, through, and as our lives. This past year was full of memories

that I will always treasure. I cherish the deepening of old friendships; the fresh new friendships; the joy of witnessing the CJL congregation grow in Spirit; the fun and laughter in classes accompanying the learning; the sheer joy and depth of the Sunday services plus the Christmas Eve service and World Healing Service; the heart-warming community projects (feeding, supplying, and clothing our homeless brothers and sisters and those in transition); the growth in the level of care we give one another; the power of prayer in my life and in the lives of us all; the support the ministers, practitioners, and prayer partners so generously give to the CJL community; and the realization of the 2013 CJL vision and intention! Together we are making a difference - we are experiencing and witnessing lives transform. Be sure to read the article each week by Marianne Ruane in the CJL e-newsletter about how CJL supports spiritual transformation.

As we now embrace the promise and potential of a new year, let's agree to take a fresh look all around us at the beauty of God's handiwork. I know for sure that our visions and dreams unfold more gracefully as we practicing seeing and experiencing God everywhere and in everyone.

With Great Love and Appreciation for YOU!

Rev. Kathleen



blog 12/26/14

This Sunday we will set the stage for 2014 with all of its promise and potential. That potential though must be actively engaged from within to get the results we want in the world. It is deep and sacred work in consciousness.

This Sunday we are offering a special service to do just that. It is called a TAIZE SERVICE and it includes a BURNING BOWL ceremony of release and another ritual of Embracing our Truth. We will actively let go and let God for a 2014 of fulfilled dreams and deeper spiritual awareness and connection. See you Sunday!

And remember that if you want to make a profound difference in World Peace: Tuesday, 6:45 am December 31, join us for a beautiful sacred interfaith service of prayer and meditation for World Peace. Potluck breakfast follows. Musician: Harold Smith

Peace, Love, and Blessings,

Rev. Kathleen

P.S. Gift yourself transformation with a class. Register this Sunday or call 302-635-7316 to sign up. Radical Forgiveness open to all. Self-Mastery open to those who have taken Foundations. Classes start the first week in January!!

I am the new year. I am an unspoiled page in your book of time. I am your next chance at the art of living. I am your opportunity to practice what you have learned during the last 12 months of your life. All that you sought the past year and failed to find is hidden in me; I am waiting for you to search it out again and, this time, with more determination. All the good that you tried to do and didn't achieve last year is mine to grant -- providing you have clearer intention and fewer conflicting beliefs. In me lies the potential of all that you dreamed but didn't dare to do, all that you hoped but did not perform, all that you prayed for and did not yet experience. These dreams slumber lightly, waiting to be awakened by the touch of an enduring purpose. Yes, I am the new year. Anonymous




blog 12/12/13

Please remember that YOU are the greatest gift that you can give this Holiday. Your time, your love, your attentive listening are nothing less than the healing energy of God blessing others. Most people long for someone to really see them and hear them, to share in God's Love. You can be that someone.

Kahlil Gibran: "You give but little when you give of your possessions. It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.”

I am grateful for you - that you are in my life. My life is richer because of you.

Extending My Love To You,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 12/6/13

When we center ourselves in the Light within our hearts, we are giving ourselves a Light treatment. When we learn to come from that Light, we project a stream of light energy that is healing. In an illumined state, we see from the Inner Light of the God Self. We see as God sees. We can direct the flow of light to purify our minds, to multiply our good with gratitude, and to realize our dreams, even the dream of world peace.

How will you use this gift of Inner Light? May I suggest one way? On December 31, we at CJL will do our part in spreading peace on earth by joining thousands of others who will be simultaneously speaking the same World Healing Meditation prayer by John Randolph Price. It is 12 noon Greenwich time which is 7 am our time. Also, Interfaith is providing peace prayers; Harold Smith is providing sacred sounds; Supriya is providing Diksha, and more. A potluck breakfast follows.

Join us each Sunday as we deepen into the spiritual beauty of the season.

With Light and Love,

Rev. Kathleen



blog 11/28/13

"If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is thank you, it will be enough." Meister Eckhart

I have been keeping a gratitude journal consistently now for about three years and it has made all the difference. My overall tendency now is to look for what is good in all situations. It was not alwaysthat way. When I do catch myself complaining, it feels so uncomfortable in my body that I quickly course-correct back to gratitude.

How is it going with your 40 Day Gratitude Journals? It's OK if you missed some days. What matters is that you are training your mind to look for the good for the purpose of giving thanks.

Quote from Joan Leof's Journaling Workshop:"In an experimental comparison, those who kept gratitude journals on a weekly basis exercised more regularly, reported fewer symptoms, felt better about their lives as a whole, and were more optimistic about the upcoming week compared to those who recorded hassles or neutral life events." (Emmons & McCullough, 2002).

Have a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

In Love and Light,

Rev. Kathleen

P.S. Immerse yourself this Sunday in the love of the CJL community, the joy of the music, and the wisdom of the Sunday message!