Spiritual Practices

Affirmative Prayer

The most powerful tool we have to commune with God—the All-sufficient, All-knowing, All-amazing, Always-here-for-you source of unconditional Love.


A practice of becoming still (mentally, physically and emotionally).


A process by which we train ourselves to hear, feel, see, and catch God's plan for all aspects of our lives.

Sacred Service

The giving of ourselves in sacred service, without any expectation of recognition or getting something in return, quiets the ego and creates a field of oneness and belonging that heals our hearts and minds.


When we appreciate all of life and what we have, we discover more joy in our lives and in the world.


We cannot be free and hold onto blame, resentments, and persecution of ourselves and others at the same time.

Spirit-Centered Leadership

To be a great leader is important—to be a spirit-centered leader who lets Love lead the way is transcendent. It calls us to see the holiness in those we lead and in turn we are infinitely blessed.

Giving & Receiving

Being in the ease and flow of life, creating greater prosperity, and feeling good are just some of the byproducts of activating the Law of Giving and Receiving. Simply, it is our nature to share ourselves with the world as it is our birthright to be abundantly supported for doing so.