Spiritual Director, Staff, Leaders

Spiritual Director Reverend Kathleen

Center for Spiritual Living Delaware (CSLD) is a vibrant spiritual community based on New Thought-Ancient Wisdom in the lineage of Ernest Holmes. What we teach is a synthesis of the greatest wisdom of all time, a compilation of universal principles common to all of the world’s sacred texts! It is a teaching grounded in spiritual principle and practice that has a proven track record of transforming lives, including mine!

I know who you are in Truth. You are meant to live a great life, to be a beneficial presence on the planet by sharing your gifts and talents with the world. I can help you orchestrate the deep transformation of consciousness that is necessary for the realization of your dreams and aspirations. I can teach you the tools of spiritual mastery which will keep you grounded in the awareness of your spiritual identity – union with the Infinite One – and will prepare you for major breakthroughs. Among these tools are meditation, affirmative prayer, and visioning. You are co-creator with Spirit – change your thinking and you can change your life!

Let yourself be enveloped in the warmth and loving kindness of the members of CSL Delaware. We are committed to seeing the best in you and in each other. A core of ministers, practitioners, and group leaders work with me to assist you in the realization of your dreams, creating at CSL Delaware a safe and nurturing environment that is a birthing field for the new you. You are whole, perfect, and complete exactly as you are, a spiritual being having a human experience. Start your new story today!

Enjoy life transforming spiritual teachings and spiritual fellowship:

- every Sunday during service

- in weekly classes

- in care groups

- at workshops, concerts, and other special events.  With practical application of the spiritual principles we teach along with a consistent spiritual practice, life truly does get better and better.

CSL Delaware members say “Yes!” to every moment of life, knowing that it unfolds always exactly as it should. They are passionate about raising consciousness – their own and that of the planet, one thought at a time. I invite you to join us.


Board of Trustees

Board of Regents

Quality of Education and Workshops and Care and Support of Practitioners.

Staff and Leaders

Spiritual Director:  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson

Administrative Staff:  Vergie Cooper

Newsletter Editor:  Vergie Cooper

Teaching Staff:  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, Candace Berkowitz RScP, Rev. Linda Patton, Marianne Ruane RScP, Mary Kegelman RScP

Professional Practitioners (spiritual coaching and prayer):  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, Rev. Linda Patton, Candace Berkowitz RScP, Lucinda Elom RScP, Brenda Hornung RScP, Mary Kegelman RScP, Carolyn Murdic RScP,Marianne Ruane RScP, Donna Strack RScP, Peggy Frymoyer RScP

Practitioner Core Lead: Candace Berkowitz RScP

Children, Youth, and Family Core Lead:  Mary Kegelman RScP

Board of Trustees (see photos and role descriptions above):  Tom Clark - President,  Jenny Stewart - Vice President,  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson - Secretary, Vergie Cooper - Treasurer,  Bruce Tatem - Member-At-Large

Board of Regents:  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, Candace Berkowitz RScP (currently on leave), Mary Kegelman, RScP

Leader Champion Team:  Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson, Director;  Candace Berkowitz RScP, Leader Champion;  Mary Kegelman RScP, Leader Champion

Congregant Care Lead (for hospital visits):  Rev. Linda Patton  302-239-6080

Cards (Heart to Heart): 

Hospitality Team Lead:  Vergie Cooper

Offertory Team Lead:  Peggy  Frymoyer RScP

Audio-Visual Team Lead:  Dan Johnson

Book Store Lead: Rev. Linda Patton

Teen Advisors:  Lucinda Elom RScP,

Aesthetics Team Leads: Lisa Bartolozzi, Shiya Stone

Friendship House:  Michelle Renee Johnson

Spiritual Growth Circle Leads: Mary Kegelman RScP, Amee Shah

Social Justice Initiative Ministry: Jennifer Lyons, Vergie Cooper




Children's Teachers:  Mary Kegelman RScP, Sally Petrillo, Jenny Stewart, Kelli Garrity

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