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Join us live on The Center for Spiritual Living Delaware Facebook page on Sundays at  10am EST for Guided Meditation and 10:30 am EST for Service.  No onsite services until further notice.    Our prayers continue in support of your health and wellbeing.  Click Here for  Zoom Link 


Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision

April 2021: Stepping into the Unknown

In March we opened up to the highest possibilities/highest vision for our lives. This month, we begin our journey, living from our vision re-defined embracing change with curiosity and practical spirituality. 

April  4,  2021 - The Path Less Traveled

As we say yes to our evolutionary journey, we take the path less travelled, assured that we will be transformed by it. The vision continues to unfold revealing the path with each step. Our faith guides us. What else is needed to navigate our new journey? 
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson
Music: Sharon Bousquet


April 11, 2021 - The Winds of Change

Commitment to a Vision calls us to embrace change, transformation, and newness. As we boldly step into the unknown, we find ourselves navigating the winds of change in order to live forward.
Guest Speaker: Rev. Dr. Judy Morley
Music: Sharon Bousquet

April 18, 2021 - Bless-itation

Every new journey we choose to embark on is a “bless-itation” a combination of blessings and hesitations. Today we use the power of blessing whatever is triggering us, greeting it with curiosity.
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson 
Music:  Deb Chamberlin

April 25, 2021 - Stepping Out, Stepping Up 

“We must be willing to let go of the life we had planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.” – Joseph Campbell.  Letting go then, let us confidently step up and into our greatness, excited to blaze a new trail of spiritual awareness. What will we share with those who travel with us?
Speaker: Rev. Dr. Kathleen Johnson
Music:  Deb Chamberlin


I am consciously aware of the Presence of Spirit.