Vision and Mission

Our Vision

The Center for Spiritual Living Delaware (CSLD) is an ever-evolving coherent and cohesive multicultural, multigenerational community of enlightened souls practicing Science of Mind and New Thought-Ancient Wisdom principles based on the teachings of Dr. Ernest Holmes. Strong in our connection with Spirit, we live in happiness, harmony, peace of mind, health, confidence, abundance, and creative expression. As vital ambassadors of change, we represent peace, harmony, and good stewardship on the planet. We demonstrate God’s love for all of life by being a role model of a community committed to sustainability. CSLD is known as a place people want to be because together we experience personal and collective transformation on a daily basis. We are the go-to center for spiritual enlightenment, education, and music.

In fact, we stand at the leading edge of spiritual education. Our courses draw students from far and wide to study. Our center is a magnet for teachers, mystics, and leaders. AND…As a birthing field for ever-evolving consciousness, CSLD is also a generator of mystics, leaders, practitioners, teachers, visionaries, ministers, and artists - people who are spiritually aware and in service to the greater good.

We are a home for healthy families and provide a nurturing environment in which both parents and children can grow, learn, and love together. We cooperatively work with other faith traditions to launch programs to support ethnic, cultural, and religious diversity throughout our world. As our name clearly states, we are an avenue for the expression of Spiritual Living. We are so happy and grateful to be living this expanded vision. And so it is!

Our Mission

The Center for Spiritual Living Delaware is a vibrant spiritual community grounded in unconditional love and dedicated to encouraging the highest and fullest Divine expression of all beings through the teaching of spiritual principles rooted in New Thought / Ancient Wisdom, spiritual practice, and sacred service.

Our 2019 Intention

We, the members of the Center for Spiritual Living Delaware, are a welcoming, vibrant, inclusive spiritual community rooted in New Thought/Ancient Wisdom principles. With a focus on Spirit as our Source, we accept greater happiness, prosperity, and harmony in all aspects of our lives. Inspired by the Power of Love, we enthusiastically share our creativity, talents and gifts in compassionate service to all Life.